Tuesday, December 11, 2018

37 Week Bumpdate!

How it feels to be pregnant sometimes.

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Going from 36 weeks to 37 seems like a big deal in my mind for some reason? It's like at 36 weeks, you think you have a solid month before baby. But then week 37 starts and you're like wait, three weeks is not a lot of time? Plus the baby could come early??? Then panic mode really sinks in. At least it did for me haha. We really burst into action after Thanksgiving in terms of prepping for baby. We got (almost) everything into the new closet room, cleaned out a BUNCH of items (many of which will be sold in the spring during a closet sale! Stay tuned), and began organizing all the baby girl items I've been stockpiling over the last few months. It has been a ton of work and at times very overwhelming, but we are slowly making progress and I feel a lot better about everything. At this point, the baby could come and it wouldn't be a complete disaster ;)

Symptom-wise, I had a lot of contractions during this week. Some even showed up during my NST, which hadn't really happened before. My doctor checked me and I was only at 1 or 2 cm, which was a bit disappointing considering how frequent and painful the contractions had been. The one piece of encouraging news though was that I suddenly went from measuring 36 weeks at my last appointment (right on schedule) to 34 weeks, which means the baby has dropped considerably. I wasn't shocked to hear this news considering it feels like she might just fall out of me at any moment. Hopefully this means less pushing when the big day comes!

My hips/back/pelvis are quite sore, but going to the chiropractor has helped with that. My balance is definitely getting worse haha. The baby's movements/kicks are at times very painful, which I don't recall having with Henrik? Sometimes I yelp or jump in pain. It's not very pleasant. I'm pretty swollen all over, particularly my ankles. I can't wear my usual rings anymore, which is a bit sad. My blood pressure has been a bit on the high side, but not too high so that's good! Hopefully the preeclampsia stays away this time. 

We are so unbelievably thankful to all our family and friends who have stepped in to help us. It is really challenging to get house projects done with a very curious toddler so having people come to help watch Henrik has been invaluable. So many of our friends have offered to help and have shown their love and support in other ways that mean so much to us. It truly does take a village even to get through a pregnancy and we are immensely grateful for the people in our lives who have helped! 

Just a few more days/weeks to go...

About: To go shower.
Hoping: To watch The Great British Bake Show soon, it's seriously THE BEST.
Craving: Some ice cold water.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 14!!!!!!!!!

36 Week Bumpdate

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I've been taking somewhat regular photos this last month and a half, but of course finding the time to post and write about them has been a challenge haha.

These pics were taken shortly after Thanksgiving, which I thought I'd talk to you all about! It was difficult this year because we made the decision that Chris and Henrik should go to his family's Thanksgiving gathering and I should stay home per my doctor's orders. I wanted to make sure they got to see Chris's family since who knows when we will make it out West again with two kids, but it was so hard to not go with them.

I was very stressed and anxious in the weeks leading up to their trip, not because I worried about Chris's ability to handle Henrik, but because I just wanted to make sure they both had absolutely everything they needed and that all the logistics of traveling with a toddler were figured out. I knew I wouldn't be able to help in the moment, so I wanted to do everything I could to prepare them before their departure. In the end, the flights went great and Henrik handled everything like a champ (as did Chris).

Of course, I missed my boys terribly and begged for videos/pics/FaceTime calls constantly, BUT I WAS SO PRODUCTIVE. I cleaned out Henrik's entire room and reorganized it, sorted through items that the new baby would need, and got several other projects completed. It was also nice because we had my grandma and aunt in town for Thanksgiving so I got to spend time with them as well. All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving break. But I was more than happy to be reunited with Henrik and Chris the moment they got off the plane :)

Henrik was eager to tell me all about his adventures with Grandpa Stoker and his golf cart. He had a fantastic time there, which made me really happy. I had also turned our house into a Winter Wonderland while they were away so when Henrik walked through the door he said "Woooow!" numerous times (one of my favorite words of his). His reactions to all things Christmas have been pretty priceless.

Waiting: For Henrik to fall asleep. Chris is getting over a nasty cold so I'm on Henrik duty while he rests.
Hoping: Contractions will pick back up?? I feel like I'm not making any progress in that department.
Planning: To eat a few peanut butter cups in a few minutes.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

33 Week Bumpdate!

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When I was pregnant with Henrik, it was so easy to take frequent photos and blog about my pregnancy since we had so few things going on compared to now. But I absolutely love looking back at those posts and photos so I'm going to try really hard to post more this last trimester! Especially because realistically, there's a decent chance this baby could be coming quite a bit early (more on that later) so I have to take advantage of the time I have (and the belly!). Without further ado, here's the 33 week bumpdate!

Preeclampsia: As of right now, I'm going into the doctor's office twice a week for non-stress tests/monitoring since my blood pressure is a bit of a concern. If you recall, my high blood pressure and other preeclampsia symptoms are what led to my having to be hospitalized and induced with Henrik. Thankfully, I was towards the end of my pregnancy when those issues arose so it wasn't a big deal to induce me. This time, I've been having some high blood pressure readings much earlier on so they're having me take aspirin daily, watching my symptoms closely, and now I'm having frequent non-stress tests. I think I've successfully convinced my doctor to reduce the NST's to once a week as long as my blood pressure remains ok (it's been a bit elevated the last few appointments but nothing too bad). Which I'm extremely grateful for. I want all the time with Henrik that I can get and being gone two mornings a week is a lot. If at any point my blood pressure gets too high and I have other preeclampsia symptoms (like protein in my urine), then they'll induce me. So basically this baby could come tomorrow or I could go past my due date again haha it's totally unpredictable but that's just the nature of babies anyway! I'm really grateful I haven't had to be hospitalized for any long periods of time, put on bedrest, or had any other major complications.

Ultrasounds: Like with Henrik, I've had many ultrasounds with this baby (I think I've had five so far? Honestly it's hard to remember). Two of them were to check on the baby's heart because of some family heart conditions but they couldn't find anything wrong with her heart so that's good! Another one was to check and make sure the baby and my cervix were ok after having some mild spotting. The rest of the ultrasounds have just been the routine anatomy scan and growth scans due to the aforementioned risks of my blood pressure. I have two more scheduled for this pregnancy, we'll see how far I get! The baby has been consistently fairly uncooperative for the ultrasounds. Particularly in regards to showing her face. We have only had one ultrasound where we got a halfway decent look at her face in 3D. The tech was able to print some of those photos and they bring me so much joy. She is measuring a bit big, but who knows how much she'll end up weighing. Her head, however, has consistently been in the 95th percentile for size sooooo that's good haha. She also has visible hair, but if it's blonde like Henrik's it won't be really visible until she's about two years old.

Sciatica: My sciatic nerve pain has been bothering me more lately, but I can still walk pretty easily and if I go to the chiropractor about once a week, it doesn't get too out of hand. Looking forward to that pain going away after I give birth :) Feeling very grateful I'm still able to workout 5 days a week, even if it's just walking on a treadmill and watching Jeopardy. It is really hard for me to chase Henrik around, lift him up and down a lot, and wrestle him in and out of his stroller. If I overdo it, I am in a lot of pain afterwards and it takes a while to get back to normal. This has limited some of our outings (like I can't take him to a park by myself), but we are still trying to get out and do fun things while it's just him.

Heartburn: I had really horrible heartburn during my second trimester with Henrik so when I reached 28/29 weeks without experiencing anything, I thought I had dodged a bullet! Sadly, not so. The heartburn is back in action. I have learned that Tums are disgusting no matter the flavor but they do tend to help!

Leg cramps: I am much more prone to cramping in my calves and feet this pregnancy, which I also experienced with Henrik. It's been better the last week or two, which is great. When we were in New York about a month ago, I had one cramp that was so bad I actually cried haha so pathetic. Thankfully Chris was able to help me massage and relax the muscles to get rid of it.

Contractions: I have a lot of Braxton Hicks and actual contractions most days, but nothing consistent or intense enough to warrant a call to the doctor. Sometimes I'll start to time them, but they never seem to last more than an hour or so.

Dreams: I don't remember having this as much with Henrik, but I have had crazy vivid and bizarre dreams this pregnancy. They feel very real and often lead to me waking up extremely stressed. I can't recall details, but I'm usually mad at something and yelling at someone. It would be nice if I could just have a really vivid dream about lying on a beach or something, but alas.

Cravings: Nothing terribly specific, but I have been wanting peanut butter more than usual.

Nesting: I feel a great sense of urgency to get the house and all of the baby's things ready, but everything is kind of on hold until we can get the new room we added to our house set up with closet rods and storage. Most of what we need has been ordered so hopefully we can install the rods and shelves in the next week or so and then I can start moving everything from the current closet room into the new room, Henrik into the old closet room, and the baby into Henrik's current room. It's going to be a ton of work and it may not all get done before she arrives, but I'm eager to get started and hopefully get rid of a lot of stuff in the process. I'm also trying to get the rest of the birthday and Christmas gifts squared away so if she does come a bit early, I'm not scrambling at the last minute to get all of that done.

Name: We have a few girl names we like, but are still workshopping. Stay tuned.

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing mostly leggings with sweaters/cardigans as well as athleisure (workout leggings and tees) since they're easy to hang out and play with Henrik in as well as allow for peak comfort during my appointments. Occasionally (once or twice a week) I get fancy and put on maternity jeans with a top and then obviously I dress up more for church (like the outfit I'm wearing above). It's been fun to dress my belly now that it's more round and wear some of my favorite maternity pieces from last pregnancy.

Photos: We are having our maternity/family photos taken this upcoming Saturday! I thought I had everyone's outfits all figured out, but sadly the pants I ordered for Henrik are too big and the shirt just doesn't quite work. Henrik has also decided that he despises bow ties so please pray I'll be able to bribe him into wearing his new bow tie for at least a few of the photos.

That's pretty much all for now! Hopefully the baby doesn't come too soon so I can do at least a few more posts about this pregnancy. As always, thank you for all the support and love! It means the world to us.

About: To go to bed. DST has hit me hard and I'm exhausted haha.
Happy: That the weather has cooled down a smidge so I can wear my fall/winter maternity clothes.
Watching: House Hunters International
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 51 HOLY MOLY

Monday, September 3, 2018

It's A Girl!


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As most, if not all of you already know, we are having a baby girl! I am so very excited. Throughout this pregnancy, I had a feeeeeeeling it was a girl, but I also thought Henrik was a girl so I tried not to put too much stock into my "feeling". I've always wanted to have at least one boy and one girl so I thought it would be convenient to have a girl next since I do NOT plan on being pregnant again for a GOOD LONG WHILE. But at the same time, I also loooooove baby boys so I really wasn't going to be disappointed either way. Plus since my due dates are literally identical, I thought it would be nice if it was a boy to be able to re-use virtually his entire wardrobe. Much conflicted feelings.

A few weeks leading up to our anatomy scan, I started having incredibly vivid dreams that I was having a girl. To the point that I would wake up CONVINCED that we already knew it was a girl. From that point on, it was reeeeaaallly hard to not keep thinking of the baby as "she". I tried to not use female pronouns when thinking about the baby in my head, but it happened anyway.

The day before our ultrasound seriously felt like Christmas Eve. I could not WAIT to find out. My appointment was pretty early in the day so I dropped off Henrik at my mom's house shortly after he woke up and headed to the doctor's office. Chris was able to join me for the ultrasound, which was so great. Monday mornings are usually crazy busy for him with work and meetings so I was really grateful he was able to slip away.

The ultrasound itself took fooooorever. It was one of the longest ultrasounds I had ever had (about an hour). The baby was not being terribly cooperative so examining and getting images of each part took several attempts. The ultrasound tech had me rolling from side to side, changing positions and incline, using the bathroom, etc. etc. in an effort to try and get the baby to a good spot. FIIIIINALLY, the tech said that she kept seeing "three white lines", which I knew meant a girl! She said she wasn't totally confident, but she didn't see anything to make her think it was a boy. With Henrik, it was super obvious right away that he was definitely a boy so the ambiguity made me a bit nervous. Before we left the ultrasound room, she asked how confident she was that it was a girl and she said 90%, which was good enough for us!

As excited as I was to hear that we were having a girl, I walked out of the doctor's office after my appointment and saw a dad in the waiting room holding a brand new baby boy and my heart broke just a tiny bit. But I'm sure that would have happened if I had found out we were having a boy and I saw a brand new baby girl right after too haha. I JUST WANT ALL THE BABIES.

It was VERY difficult to not tell my mom the gender when I went to pick up Henrik, but I wanted to tell her and my dad at the same time that evening. When we found out with Henrik, they were out of town so we had to Facetime them, which was fun! But telling people in person is always way better.

That afternoon, I made gender reveal cupcakes so when you bit into them, the icing inside was pink. I'm nooooot a super crafty baker person, but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Later that night we went to our good family friends' house with my parents and everyone bit into the cupcakes at the same time to see that it was a girl! It was so great to be able to celebrate with my parents and our friends whose kids are basically the closest thing I have to younger siblings. Everyone was obviously very excited and we had a good time visiting with each other.

Now that we know it's a girl, I've had fun buying headbands, floral blankets, and a few outfits. I plan to still reuse a lot of Henrik's clothes and just put a girly headband on her to make her look more definitively like a girl. I've also made a few purchases for her nursery, but we are going to be moving everything currently in the closet/storage room into a new room we are converting in our garage so that Henrik can have his own "big boy" room and the baby can stay in the nursery. I'm really hoping we can get the room in our garage constructed soon so I can start all the big projects that will be involved with setting up the kids' rooms. Also kids????? I still can't wrap my head around having TWO babies!! It bloooows my mind.

Everything else pregnancy-wise is going well, although my sciatic nerve pain is making an earlier appearance than I would like (I only struggled with it the last month of my previous pregnancy) so I've started going back to the chiropractor for regular adjustments and that's been helping. Hoping my body doesn't totally fall apart yet!

As always, thank you all for your support throughout this pregnancy! It's so great to share my excitement with everyone.

Watching: Project Runway
Enjoying: Our day off! It's been so great to have Chris around so I can actually get a bunch of things (like blogging) done.
Hoping: I can maybe still fit in a catnap this afternoon.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 113!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I'm Pregnant! Again!

Hello, blog readers! I can't believe it's been such a long time since my last post. A combination of my laptop dying (yet to be replaced) and a rough first trimester (more on that later) plus a VERY busy toddler (who I'm also legitimately obsessed with) led to blogging taking a backseat for a little while. The break was nice, but I'm hoping to post a bit more regularly so that I can document this pregnancy like I did Henrik's. I love looking back at those old posts so I'm planning to do my best to record as much as possible! I'm also trying to post pretty regularly on Instagram so feel free to check out my account there for more frequent updates on life, clothes, etc.

I thought I'd share the journey to getting pregnant, much like I did when I announced my first pregnancy, and update you guys on how the last 17 ish weeks have gone as well as share a few photos. Hope you all enjoy!

Shortly after having Henrik, I knew that I wanted to have another soon ish. Chris was on board with this but we both felt like I definitely needed to try and get through a whole year of breastfeeding before even trying since many women's cycles won't even return until their babies are weaned/many women have to stop breastfeeding after getting pregnant.

Later that year, Henrik's first birthday was fast approaching and I could not get the idea of having another out of my head. Chris was starting to feel ready for another one too so after praying about it, we decided I'd go off birth control and see what happened. My cycle hadn't returned but I thought maybe once going off bc I'd be able to "catch" that first ovulation and get pregnant right away.

Later that month I was having all sorts of weird symptoms that led my OB and me to believe that I was likely pregnant. I took a test Christmas Day and it appeared to be positive. I couldn't believe it. I called my OB and she had me come in to confirm everything. She was so convinced I was pregnant that she started going over all the first trimester info and congratulating me. I was so excited, but wanted to wait until my blood test results showed that I definitely was pregnant before really believing it.

The next day, the nurse called and said that my results showed absolutely no hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in my blood. Not even a little bit. Meaning, not only was I not pregnant now, I hadn't been recently either. No miscarriage, no chemical pregnancy, nothing. I was shocked. So was the nurse. So was my doctor. No one could explain it. The only possibility my doctor said was that my hormones were all wacky from going off bc a few weeks prior and that it somehow resulted in a false positive (which are pretty rare). We were all disappointed, but trusted that everything would work out when it was supposed to.

The next few months were filled with tracking symptoms, a bout of mastitis (thought I was probably going to die haha), and a million pregnancy tests. With no cycle to base anything off of, I knew that I could be pregnant at anytime so I just kept taking ovulation and pregnancy tests. Henrik was night-weaned and only nursing two to three times a day at the most but I still had no period. I had my regular OB check-up in March and she told me my cycle probably wouldn't return until he was 100% weaned and even then it could take a few months for my cycle to actually show up. I figured by April or beginning of May we would be done breastfeeding and then maybe over the summer we'd be able to get pregnant.

About two weeks after my appointment, on March 20th, my period randomly showed up. I was flabbergasted because I was still nursing. I texted Chris excitedly because I knew this meant we had a legitimate shot at getting pregnant now. I inputed my info into Ava (I'll do a whole post on the Ava bracelet another day!) and it predicted when I would ovulate. I knew there was a decent possibility it wouldn't predict correctly my fertile window since it didn't have much data to go off of with only one cycle, but I figured we had nothing to lose by trying.

Lo and behold on April 14th, my pregnancy test came back positive. AFTER ONE CYCLE! Chris and I, again, could not believe it. It took six months to get pregnant with Henrik so I really thought that it would take at least two or three months, but nope. I then realized that March 20th was the first date of my last period before getting pregnant with Henrik as well, hence the Christmas Day due date (again). What are the odds, seriously?

Chris and Henrik weren't home when I found out I was pregnant but as soon as they came back, I went into the kitchen and just smiled at Chris.

Chris: "Why are you smiling like that?"

Me: *still smiling*

Chris: "What did you buy?"

Me: "Nothing!"


We hugged and then turned to Henrik and told him he was going to be a big brother. He pooped.

I then made Chris go to Target to grab a World's Best Brother shirt for Henrik to wear and we went over to my parents' house to share the good news. I had made a batch of brownies and spelled out "Baby No. 2" in cheerios and was going to unveil it after they noticed Henrik's shirt.

He was wearing a zip-up jacket over his shirt when we arrived so I asked my dad to take it off of him. Which he did. But my dad did not notice the shirt and neither did my mom. Finally, my mom suspected something and asked him to bring Henrik into the kitchen where we were all standing. They then noticed the shirt, we unveiled the brownies, and there was much rejoicing.

We told my siblings over Facetime the next day by having Henrik wear the same shirt. Both couples noticed pretty quickly what his shirt said, so they get points for that. Henrik acted very excited when everyone exclaimed, but he has absolutely no idea what's coming.

The next few weeks were a blur. I was exhausted and extremely nauseous all the time. It was really discouraging and difficult to deal with, especially since Henrik is so active. I would literally just lay on the couch most of the day and watch Henrik play in our house and read books to him. If we wanted to go on an outing, my mom usually had to come over and help me get him ready because I was so weak. My anxiety levels were also really high for about three weeks, which resulted in a lot of tears and me simply not feeling like myself. Mercifully, Henrik essentially weaned himself a week or two after finding out I was pregnant so I didn't have to deal with feeling horrible and still breastfeeding him.

The only thing that seemed to stave off the nausea was eating, but nothing sounded good (one of the great paradoxes of pregnancy). Occasionally, I would have a craving for something specific and would feel better after eating it, but not often. Some of my cravings included: Chocolate, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, fruit smoothies, yogurt, graham crackers, Panda Express, chicken salad sandwiches, waffles and Nutella, cheese, and chips.

Overall, I am feeling much better but I still have rough days here and there. My symptoms are similar to what I experienced with Henrik, but they are much more extreme and have definitely lasted a lot longer. I'm cautiously optimistic that the worst of it is over, but I don't want to jinx it. I am incredibly grateful that Chris was able to help so much once he got home from work and on weekends and that my parents live so close. They were an enormous help to me as were a few friends who knew about the pregnancy (and some who didn't). I honestly don't think we would have made it without everyone's help. Henrik was well-taken care of during my dark days and that was such a blessing.

In a few weeks, we will find out if it's a boy or girl! We will be so excited either way. I have a hunch about what it is, but I have been wrong before ;) So we will see! It's been fun to celebrate this pregnancy even more now that I'm feeling better. I think once we know boy or girl it will feel more real as we can start planning, picking out names, and making any necessary purchases. That ultrasound can't come soon enough! I'm also very much looking forward to graduating from lumpy, how-many-tacos-did-she-eat belly to cute, definitely pregnant belly. I started showing MUCH sooner than I did with Henrik and am already having trouble fitting into my non-maternity clothes. I love summer, but will be happy when the weather cools down a bit and I can just wear leggings everyday.

In the meantime, I am soaking up every day I get where I can solely focus on Henrik. He is truly the most incredible little boy and he never ceases to make me smile and laugh. Chris and I are so obsessed with him and love this stage he is in. I know that he is going to make an incredible big brother.

As always, thank you all for the love and support you have shown us! We really enjoy getting to share our lives with all of you and appreciate all that you have done for us. I will keep you guys posted on gender as well as how these next few months go! Stay tuned :)

And now, for some photos!

I could probably become a professional brownie-decorator.

Cutest big brother in the whole universe. 

Mother's Day 2018, trying to artfully hide my bump.

We were so lucky our Florida trip (which we had planned MONTHS ago) happened at a good time to take pregnancy announcement photos! We obviously wished we could have had Henrik in the pictures with us, but it was really nice to have a week just the two of us (our first couple trip since having him!).

Belly belly belly

My friend Kim (check out her photography site here!) and I had planned this photoshoot before I was pregnant so once I found out, she was one of the first people I told so we could do the shoot before my bump was too noticeable. She's the best!

Same story with this shoot I did with my friend Victoria! She had asked me to help write and pose for a blog post about what brides should wear to their bridal shower (check out the post here!) so we had to do the shoot ASAP and make a few alterations to some of the outfits and get creative with my poses so my bump wasn't as prevalent (hence the jean jacket). She will also be doing our birth photos again and I can't WAIT!

Craving: Some really good chips & salsa.
Happy: That Chris is back after being gone all week!
Planning: To have dinner with friends this evening.
Days Until Christmas/Baby #2: 164!

Monday, December 18, 2017

UPPAbaby VISTA & MESA Review!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hunk looking cute & comfy in his car seat while out for a walk.

It's impossible to not be happy while using this stroller!

When I was going through the daunting task of figuring out what baby products and gear I wanted to get in anticipation of Henrik's birth, I knew that a good car seat and stroller system would be very high on my list. These are items that you use a TON with a baby and there is a wide range of quality, features, etc. so I knew it would require a fair amount of research to figure out exactly what I wanted. I talked to many friends, test-drove a few strollers, read online reviews, etc. and finally settled on the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and MESA car seat. There are a lot of features this travel system has that appealed to me. They included:

1. Stroller is easy to collapse and set up by myself
2. Car seat is easy to install safely and properly
3. Car seat fits into stroller
4. Stroller adapts to hold two kids (and can even accommodate a third with a little platform for them to stand on)

I was ecstatic when UPPAbaby said they wanted to work with me! I love their brand and products so I knew I couldn't pass up on this opportunity. Even before this partnership came along, my husband and I had already planned on purchasing this stroller and travel system because we felt it would be such a good fit for our family. And seriously, it hasn't disappointed!

Most importantly, Henrik is safe in this car seat and stroller and comfortable. He has never had issues with hating his car seat or stroller (which is such a huge blessing. Idk what we would have done if he had hated it).

If it's in your budget and you are looking for a travel system that has some of these features (ESPECIALLY if you plan on having kids close ish together and don't want a double-wide stroller), I would 100% recommend this system. It's been so great for us and I've been nothing but impressed with its quality and all the features it has to offer.
Probably my favorite thing about the car seat is how easy it is to install the base. We have a base for both of our cars but we often switch my base into my mom's car for errands and trips to Indy and it is so easy to do! And it tells you if it is installed correctly. I never had to worry about whether or not I had done it right because it was so easy to tell with their green/red click function. Installing a base and car seat seemed SO scary to me but it was very simple with the MESA.

As I mentioned earlier, the car seat seamlessly locks into the stroller so we never have to get Henrik out of the car seat and into a separate stroller seat if he has fallen asleep in the car (SO NICE). It takes hardly any time to get him safely locked into the stroller. And I'm all about as little "hassle" as possible when it comes to baby stuff. The VISTA does come with a bassinet attachment, which I wasn't sure at first if we would use or not. But guess what? We used it a ton! We kept the bassinet at my mom's house and Henrik would nap in it and then on trips to Indy, I would put him in the bassinet locked into the stroller so he could have a little bit more movement and freedom after being in the car seat for an hour plus on the drive down to Indy.

We have even taken both the car seat and stroller on various vacations this last year and while that certainly made us have a LOT of luggage for three people, it was well worth it. I didn't have to worry about trying to find another stroller or car seat to use and figure out while vacationing. We were able to get off the plane, pick up our stuff, set up the car seat in a matter of minutes in our rental car (you don't even have to use the base since there is a way to install it using a seatbelt), and we were good to go! And since we did so much walking while in NYC and California, it was really nice to have our stroller. It glides and maneuvers so easily and has plenty of storage for going out and about. The travel case UPPAbaby sells for the stroller is definitely worth getting, in my opinion. It kept our stroller totally safe and it acts as insurance for your stroller if it gets damaged in transit (luckily, this has never happened to us).

UPPAbaby's customer service is also fantastic. They really care about their customers and are always there to answer questions and help make sure your baby is safe. Seriously my only complaint is that they don't make a convertible car seat! I am so sad that Henrik has almost outgrown his MESA. Maybe by the time I have another baby they'll have a convertible one available :)

Of allllllllll our baby gear, our VISTA and MESA top the list of our favorite products. So functional, stylish, and high quality. It has really helped make our transition into parenthood that much easier. I will forever be an UPPAbaby fan! If you have ANY questions about my experience with this stroller and car seat, please let me know! I'd be more than happy to talk about it. And if you're local and want to see either in action, we can arrange that too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

Friday, September 29, 2017

5 Fall Trends


With being a mom and all the time-consuming responsibilities that come with that, I've been trying not to put excessive pressure on myself. That includes not stressing about blogging all the time. But I wanted to take some time to share some purchases I've made for this fall and talk about some trends to be on the lookout for! My day-to-day life is much different than it was a year ago so I'm trying to buy things that work for my new lifestyle while still being fashionable.

As an aside, now that the weather is cooling down and Henrik is more or less on a rough schedule, it'll be easier to take more blog photos to use for outfit posts. Be on the lookout for some of those in the upcoming weeks!

Here are some trends I am totally digging this season:

1. Velvet Anything: I am loooooving all of the velvet pieces that are coming out this season! I bought this skirt from Anthropologie and I am ridiculously obsessed with it (also comes in a black pattern!). It can be paired with lots of different colored tops/jackets/booties and can be dressed up or down with ease.  Plus pleated midi skirts are everywhere this season too. And rightly so! They're so cute and flattering.

I also recently got a velvet patterned top from Target! It's soft and can be thrown on with jeans or olive pants. For some reason, it isn't showing up online but it's this same top but in pink. Hopefully it gets put online soon! You can also check your local Target to see if they have it.

I also got this cute velvet pouch to keep inside my bigger purses and diaper bags to corral my stuff in. This soft pink color is going to be a staple for me this season!

2. Baseball Hats: Since my hair only gets really "done" like once or twice a week, baseball hats have been lifesavers for me. They coverup my scraggly hair and still look cute. Bonus: Henrik thinks they are FASCINATING. I have this one from Target and this one from Gigi Pip (on sale for $20!).

3. High-waist Jeans: Now that I'm more or less back to pre-baby size, I thought it might be a good time to buy some new jeans (haven't bought new non-maternity ones in a long time). I decided I really wanted to invest in some good quality ones that fit well and are comfortable (not always an easy task). I tried on lots of different pairs and fell in love with this one and this one from Madewell. I loooove how flattering high-waist jeans are and these look and feel great on. I also scored this pair from Abercrombie for $35 when they had a sale! I'll probably end up snagging another pair or two next time they're marked down.

4. Faux Leather: I got a cognac faux-leather jacket last year for Christmas and wore it a bunch so I'm excited to break it out again this year! The neutral color is very versatile and it quickly glams up any outfit. Here are a few similar ones here, here, and here.

I also got this faux-leather bag from Target a few days ago and I really like it. It looks pretty good for only $40 and has some nice storage features. It's a great size for moms since you can stuff a few baby essentials in there too.

5. Knotted Tees/Dresses: No longer do you have to try and half-tuck or knot your shirts and dresses, they come already done for you! This $22 top is affordable and comes in a bunch of colors. I've already worn my pink one a bunch and am contemplating grabbing a few other colors as well. The knot adds great visual interest to any outfit with minimal effort.

I got this knotted dress online a few weeks ago in black and I really like how the knot detail makes it a step-up from just a standard LBD. It's a great blank canvas for fall and will look great with a moto jacket and booties.

And here are some other recent purchases I've made that I've been super pleased with:

Happy fall shopping!

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