Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Few Photos From My Week

It just so happens that Husband and I have essentially the same shoe size. Last night I had to run out to my car and his tennis shoes were the handiest footwear so I put them on. And they fit perfectly. And I like how they look. And I might just wear them more often. And I just won't tell him. I guess there are some benefits to being abnormally tall/having abnormally large ish feet for a girl. 

Sometimes late at night I get these random bursts of energy where I feel like I have to do something productive before I can go to bed. The other night the productive (?) chore was color coordinating my closet. ROYGBIV, my friends. Always.

The other day I needed a snack so I decided to put Honey Baklava Ice Cream (yes, it's a real thing) on my waffle. And it was magic. 

Have a great day!

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