Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet & Sour

So you know that awesome dress from American Eagle that I ordered? Well it FINALLY came today (if it never came I was about ready to blame the government shutdown) and unfortunately it didn't work for a variety of reasons :( Therefore I will be spending my Saturday evening at the mall returning the dress and probably buying one or more other items to make myself feel better. Suggestions on what to get?

Here are two outfits I wore this week to inspire your wardrobes. I think of every outfit I wear as piece of art. It involves the right combination of colors, line, shape, and proportion. I like to be creative and during the fall I especially love to layer! How fun is that? Any excuse to wear more clothes is valid in my book.

I love animal prints because they are so easy to dress up or down. This sweater was a steal from Old Navy. It goes well with collared shirts like this one or just with a t-shirt. Also, ignore the knee brace. I meant to take that off. 

I was channeling my inner Lumberjack when I put together this outfit. Like the last sweater, this shirt (from Target) is easy to pair with skirts or skinny jeans or even dresses. In this photo, I've paired it with a v-neck from Nordstrom Rack, American Eagle jeans, and faux suede wedge booties from Target. Now I'm craving pancakes.

Now onto another topic: chapstick. I have been obsessed with chapstick for literally as long as I can remember. I never go anywhere without it and if for some reason I've forgotten to put one in my purse or I've lost one, I go into an instant panic attack. And it's not good. Here is the chapstick that has stolen my heart. 

I fell in love the moment I put this on my lips. It was a free sample from Sephora that my mom gave me. Pretty soon I decided I needed to buy more. Knowing it came from Sephora, I figured it would be a bit more expensive than your average Burt's Bees. However when I looked it up, I was devastated and shocked to discover that it was $23. My first thought was, "What the crap does this have like diamond dust in it?" My second thought was, I'll probably end up buying this anyway. And I did. But I've only bought one and it's used very sparingly. I even keep it in a safe hiding place. 

I started using the eos brand for a while, but all of their flavors were kind of weird. I'm not a huge fan of chapstick with a detectable taste. And then I discovered this. 

While it's no Fresh Sugar, it's pretty good. It goes on smooth and doesn't have an odd taste. It also retails for about $20 less than Fresh Sugar. Which I like. So for the time being, this will be my go-to chapstick until I can afford another Fresh Sugar. 

And if you're looking to splurge a bit for a tinted gloss that isn't sticky (a must for someone who likes to kiss her husband more than once a day), look no further than this: 

I love the light pink colors (this is what I wore on my wedding day) but it comes in pretty much every imaginable shade. The applicator is about a thousand times better than your average lip gloss's. I can't even describe it, but it feels cool and smooth and it's easy to control where the gloss goes. Happy happy happy. 

Have a great day and treat your lips to something lovely, whether it be a nice new chapstick, or your favorite man's lips. 


  1. SO cute Annie, I can't wait to read more :)

  2. Love the fresh sugar gloss! I'm looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans, where did you get the jeans in the first photo?

    1. Thank you so much!! Both pairs of jeans in this post are from American Eagle. I got them over the summer so you could probably still find them! I don't think they are the official "boyfriend" fit though, I think they are the "skinny".


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