Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes!!

I love Awards Season. Really, only for the dresses. And Jennifer Lawrence. That's pretty much it. And sometimes, I fancy myself a fashion critic. So here's my take on a few of the dresses from last night's Golden Globes.

I loooove Amy Adams & I'm totally digging this two-tone maroon & red dress. However with that being said, I think they could have done something a little more creative with the top than just a halter. It almost looks unfinished to me.

This dress is basically a work of art & I LOVE that! It fits her perfectly and the train is gorgeous. Definitely one of my favorites.

I like aaaalmost everything about this dress. The only thing I'm not digging is those weird sheer sleeve parts under her arms. Not really sure why those are there. I would have just snipped them off. But I do love lace when it's done in a classy way, like this. 

Emma Watson is amazing. She's smart, down-to-earth, talented, a wizard. I mean she can do it all. And she has an impeccable sense of fashion. Not everyone could pull off something this fashion-forward but she can. I never would have thought to pair black crop pants with a dress like this, but it works and she can even pull off navy and black heels. Plus bonus points for keeping the hair and makeup simple so the focus is on the drama of the dress. You go girl. 

Julia...I love you. You're amazing. But did you have to steal a man's collared shirt and put it under that dress? Ruined it, for me. But to be honest, the black dress by itself wouldn't have been anything special anyway. It's not particularly flattering. Better luck next time, Jules!

Obsessed. This is just pure perfection. Metallics don't work on everyone with any dress silhouette, but Kate has done it just right. Makeup and hair? A+. And I love that she kept her accessories simple. Less can be more. 

Kerry is so beautiful and the color of this dress is gorgeous with her skin tone. Great dress for a baby bump!

Other than the weird side cutouts that I think go up too far, I love this dress. Great color and shine and I'm totally digging the neckline. This champagne color keeps popping up, I'm sure it'll make it's way to everyday fashions in the coming months. Mark my words. 

I'm all for architectural details on dresses, but this one might be a little over-the-top. The top part of the ruffles really just needs to be reduced by about half. Then it would be perfect. Love the silhouette on her, though.

Again, this color!! I love it. Very similar to Naomi Watts' dress, but I like this one better I think. Tailored perfectly and styled just right. Plus she has that sassy hip thing going on.

T-Swift, you know I love you. And your fashion sense. But to me, this is just ok. It's not awful, but it's also not jaw-dropping. The bottom part is pretty, but the top part needs a little help. Love the hair, though!

So...I feel like this dress has good components but it just didn't quite come together in a great way. I wish the bottom part was more drape-y and they would have turned it into a long train. That would have done wonders for this dress.

Color? Stunning. Silhouette? Sophisticated. Glitter? My favorite. I mean this whole look is so pulled together and beautiful. If you look at closer-up photos, the color of the dress matches the color of her eyes EXACTLY. Well done, Olivia. I hope my body is this rockin' when I'm pregnant. 

About To: Hit the gym.
Just Ate: A bunch of random leftovers and some delicious kale chips.
Knee Is: Slowly improving. Still fat-looking though. And bleeding.
Random Fact About Me: I have to have my ears covered by a blanket to fall asleep.
Days Until Christmas: 345

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