Friday, February 28, 2014

Blush Tones & Flowers

Blush tones are some of my favorite colors. They pair so easily with any color of jeans and are always classy. They're like a more grown-up version of pink. Not to mention, they look great in any season.

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Sweater: Old Navy
Blazer: H&M (similar)
Heels: Target (similar found here from Asos)

Of course a big thanks to Pearl Photo Design for these gorgeous photos!

And I have good news my friends! Now you can pin my photos to your Pinterest boards! Isn't that exciting. All you have to do is hold your mouse over the photo for the Pinterest logo to pop up then click away! Just be sure to keep the website link attached to the photo (which it will automatically do) so people can click the photos back to my blog. Have fun pinning!

What are your feelings on blush? How do you style it? 

Excited That: It's Friday ohmygosh thank goodness.
Not Excited That: We're getting ANOTHER snowstorm this weekend.
Moving To: Florida.
Have To: Start physical therapy for my knee. Gross.
Glad That: I get to hang out with Husband this weekend!
Should Be: Studying.
Days Until Christmas: 299


  1. You look fantastic in blush!! I adore that blazer--plus I if we really do get another snow storm Sunday like its predicted--I will be joining you in Florida :)


    1. Thank you Tori!! I will see you in Florida then haha :)


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