Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Weekend Recap

I am of the firm belief that Valentine’s Day from here on out should always fall on a weekend. Seriously. It was the best. And it allowed us to celebrate all weekend! I love a good celebration that lasts several days. Like my birthday month.

Husband & I have respectively been plotting our plans for each other for many weeks leading up to this weekend and it was a success. Here’s a recap of how we celebrated.

Friday (official Valentine’s Day) I tried to make all about Husband since I knew he was doing a lot for me on Saturday, although I wasn’t sure what all that included. Husband works downtown and there’s a delicious bakery near there that sells tasty tasty cupcakes. I thought it would be cute if after class I went and got one for him and delivered it to his office. So I drove over from campus and a snow storm began at that very moment. I kid you not. I then decided to just park at Husband’s office, walk to the bakery, walk back to the office, deliver said cupcake, then drive away. My thinking was as follows: “The bakery is on the same street as his office, so it can’t be THAT far of a walk, right?” Wrong. It took me like 15 minutes each way. And I was walking in a freaking snowstorm. It was rough. But I did it! And bought two for my parents as well. And one for myself, obvi. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. That night, I decided to make one of Husband’s favorite dishes, butternut squash curry. Which made him happy as well.

Following our tasty meal, we went to an improv show of my brother’s girlfriend’s little brother. Follow that? A.k.a. our good friend Billy, whom we love, who goes to Purdue with me. We had a great time watching him and the whole group was hilarious. We will definitely be seeing their next performance.

After Billy’s performance, we realized we had zero dish soap at our apartment. (Note: We have a dishwasher, but it kind of sucks so we only wash things like Tupperware in it and wash everything else by hand so we go through dish soap pretty fast). This led to an adventurous expedition to Walgreens at 10 pm on Valentine’s Day. I sat in the car while Husband grabbed the soap and counted about a bajillion men leaving the store with flowers and chocolate.

Husband surprised me and grabbed a pint of Haagen Dazs Cookies & Cream ice cream. He knows me so well. We then finished up the dishes and ate our ice cream.

Following our late night snack, I presented Chris with his “gifts”, such as they were. The card I made for him came from a scrap piece of blank paper in my planner. Which is pitiful. BUT LET IT BE KNOWN I was going to make him a really pretty one by hand with my friend Sarah, but she got sick on the day we were supposed to meet up and had all the craft supplies. But it’s ok. Anyway so that’s why my card was subpar. I then told Husband that I would take his car in to get it washed and detailed whenever the weather warms up and the ice melts (something he desperately wants/needs) and gave him lots of his favorite chocolates.

There was even a chunk missing from the top. So pathetic.

Saturday was lovely as well. We joined my parents’ for a delicious pink & red brunch consisting of Swedish pancakes (similar to crepes), strawberries, cranberry juice, and bacon (of course).  I had several papers and such to work on after brunch so I mainly hung out at my parents’ house working (I had been banished from our apartment) while Husband ran a bunch of errands and cooked/decorated our apartment in preparation for that evening.

When I came home that night, Husband had hung streamers up all over our apartment, lit candles, and had a rose on the table. I was then banished (again) to the bedroom to get dressed up while he finished preparing the meal. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner of my all-time favorite meal, macadamia nut-encrusted chicken with two different sauces, mashed potatoes, and my favorite goat cheese and orange salad. I had this meal at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Downtown Disney and fell in love with it. My dad scoured the internet and found a copycat recipe and it has been a treasured heirloom in our family ever since. Especially because that dish is no longer offered at the restaurant.

Look at that presentation. 

Husband then confessed that while he loved making me this elaborate meal and was pleased with the results, he might just take me out to eat next year haha. I told him that was acceptable as well.

Finally, we ended our wonderful evening with more of my favorite ice cream and watching “The Holiday”, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

So basically, it was like the best weekend ever. I am pretty lucky to have such an amazing husband and best friend :)

How did you spend your Valentine’s Weekend?

And That: I have several fun items arriving in the mail soon J Pictures to come.
Aaaaand That: Husband & I get to visit Chicago this weekend and hang out with friends.
Not Excited That: I have several papers and tests all due this week.
Random Fact About Me: I love anything Oreo-flavored, but won’t eat just plain Oreos.
Days Until Christmas: 309

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