Friday, May 16, 2014

F r i d a y F a v e s

friday faves

Happy Friday, everyone!! Here are a few current favorite things of mine.

1. Essie Nail Polish (Go Ginza): This is my absolute faaaavorite shade of purple. Ever. So when I found this color by Essie, I couldn't pass it up. It will probably be my go-to color for the whole summer. And probably forever after that. 

2. BYU Tee: When I was out in Utah a few weeks ago, I decided to buy this comfy tee and I have worn it about 9857103498752 times since I came home. IT'S SO SOFT and plenty long and comfy. It's probably the perfect t-shirt. 

3. Cargo Jacket: So it has rained everyday this week and hasn't gotten above 50 degrees. This has made me feel extremely grateful for this jacket I bought a few weeks ago from H&M. It goes with just about everything. Plus it has good pockets. 

4. Sunnies: I don't like buying expensive sunglasses so this has resulted in me buying at least two dirt-cheap pairs every year. They always break really easily and I'm ok with that. But I do realllllly like these ones I bought from H&M. They've been perfect so far. Fingers crossed they don't break!

5. Brookside Goji: I love these. So much. I bought a bag a few days ago from the grocery store and they have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect Husband has something to do with it. 

6. Moroccan Argan Oil: With all of this blessed humidity in Indiana, my hair's frizz is always out of control. This oil helps a TON. I'm still trying to figure out the right amount to use (too much = oily-looking hair, too little = does nothing). But I've been pretty impressed so far. 

What are some of your favorite things right now?

Excited That: IT'S FRIDAY!! Obvi.
Looking Forward To: Dinner with Husband tonight and getting fancy :)
Watching: Gilmore Girls.
Wishing: This stupid rain would go away.
Days Until Christmas: 222


  1. Oh how I love Gilmore Girls!!!! Gosh darn it if I wouldn't love to be Lauren Graham!!! Enjoy your weekend Sweets!!!

    1. I know right?? It's one of the best shows ever, I'm pretty sure. You too my dear!!


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