Friday, May 2, 2014

Birthday Wish List Part I

May is probably my favorite month of the year. Here's why:

1. Warmer weather (usually)
2. School get outs
3. Pretty flowers
4. Our Anniversary

Seeing as it is now officially my birthday month, I thought I would compile Part I of my birthday wish list (I say Part I because I reserve the right to find more things and add them throughout the month). Really, this is a courtesy to all of you since I know you were struggling to know what to get me.

happy birthday to me

1. J. Crew Factory necklace. Love the citron color and I've decided my wardrobe needs a few more colored necklaces. The majority of mine are silver or gold. 

2. iPhone case from Kate Spade. My current case is literally shredding to bits. And it's not very cute. I only bought it because I knew it would protect my phone better than my old case. But now it is cracking and shredding. This cute pink one from Kate Spade should get the job done. 

3. Mrs. Necklace from Kate spade. I almost bought this necklace last time Kate Spade had a big online sale, but I opted to exhibit self-control instead. I still want it though. 

4. iTunes Giftcard: So I can buy Beyonce's songs and some T-Swizzle. And Frozen. 

5. Moleskine Pocket Size Notebook: These are super handy and I use them all the time to take notes when I'm out and about. Plus they come in fun colors.

6. Silver ring: OK. HOW CUTE IS THIS RING. Customizable with initials! So obviously I would want it to have our initials on it. In silver. Pretty please. 

7. J Crew tunic: I love this mossy color and the comfy fit. Plus all things from J. Crew are oh-so soft. 

8.  Mossimo sandals: I need these. NEED. I might be impatient and just buy them for myself before they sell out online. 

9. Capri Blue Volcano No 6 Jar Candle: My favorite candle ever. Our first one that we got last year has burned its last flame. I'm hooked and I definitely want another. 

10. Herschel Supply Co bag: My quest for the perfect travel backpack continues and I think this one might be the winner. 

Since I'm turning 21 this year, Husband & I have big plans. And by big plans I mean we are going to a bar and ordering non-alcoholic beverages then eating Nutella cake. And then maybe going clubbing. We'll see. 

What are you  most excited about this month?

About To: Go watch my hunky husband make a presentation on campus. 
Just Ate: Chicken chipotle flat bread. 
Keeping A: No-bake cookie in my backpack for later. 
Pumped That: I just finished my last day of classes for the semester!
Not Pumped That: I have rehearsal for 3 hours tonight. 
Days Until Christmas: 236

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