Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Leopard Print Flats

I'm kind of really passionate about leopard print and of all the things I wear, the item of clothing that I get asked most frequently about are my leopard print flats. Every time I wear them, someone always asks where I got them. I'm sad to report that I bought them for $22 from lulus.com but they're out of stock :( I know, it's a problem. HOWEVER. In order to make up for this disappointing news, I've compiled a list of some great alternatives! It is my firm belief that every woman ought to have a pair of leopard flats. Just a touch of leopard is easy for women of literally any age to pull off. These are classy, not trashy, so you can wear them with anything. I consider leopard print a neutral and wear mine at LEAST once a week (or in the case of this week, three times). I also have some leopard print sneakers that I am totally digging right now.
leopard flats

So I forgot to put numbers on this image to help guide all you readers to the right links...and I'm too lazy to go back and change it so BEAR WITH ME. The list starts with the top left shoe, goes down the first column, then the next column starting with the TOP center shoe, then the last column on the right starting with the top right shoe. Sorry everyone...

1. Ankle strap flat
2. ASOS ballet flat shoes
3. Steve Madden calf hair leopard print flat 
4. Mossimo cheetah print flat shoes 
5. Jane Norman leopard pointed flat
6. Steve Madden leopard print shoes
7. Jessica Simpson leopard print shoes
8. Leopard print shoes
9. Aéropostale leopard print shoes
10. Madewell ballet flat shoes 
11. BP. pointy toe flat shoes

Are you rocking the leopard shoe trend?

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Also: Painting my nails.
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