Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of School

Jacket: Old Navy // Tee: H&M (similar) // Necklace: J. Crew Factory // Shorts: Modified American Eagle Skinny Jeans (similar) // Sandals: Target

I actually really struggled to figure out what to wear for the first day back at Purdue. Summer finally decided to show up now that school has begun so it was suuuuper hot (90 degrees) as well as humid which meant no pants. I don't do booty shorts so that left me with a dress or bermudas. I always worry about looking like I'm trying too hard if I wear a dress on the first day so that left me with bermudas! Paired with my fave $5 H&M tee and fun Old Navy jacket for a bit of visual interest. (I went into the office right after my last class so I also had to look at least decent.)

Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend! And scoring some good shopping deals :)

Sitting Next To: Husband :) It's such a treat to get to spend the day with him.
Enjoyed: A lovely bike ride at the IMA this morning. It's one of our favorite places.
Wishing That: Every weekend could be a 3-day weekend.
Days Until Christmas: 114

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