Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 MORE Things About Husband & Me

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post featuring 5 things about Husband & myself. You can read it here. I got the original idea from my friend Elisabeth over at Bella so when she posted an update on her original post from last year, it inspired me to do the same :)  Without further ado, here are 5 new things about us:

1. Husband & I are both INSANELY ticklish. It's ridiculous. Husband also tends to squeal like a girl when he gets tickled so OBVI I tickle attack him way too much just because it's so hilarious. Then I do an impression of him laughing and spazzing which in turn makes him decide to tickle attack me which then makes me grumpy. It's a double-standard but I don't care. 

2. More often than not, Husband does the dishes. Which basically qualifies him for sainthood because our dishwasher is crappy so he hand washes most everything. It takes a long time, but he hardly ever complains about doing it since I tend to be the one who makes dinner. 

3. Husband & I do our laundry separately. Which I'm sure is terribly inefficient/horrible for the environment, but we don't care. We're both so picky about how we do ours and we're on such different schedules (I do mine during the day and he does his at night) that it just makes more sense to do our loads on our own. I'm sure someday down the line I'll do both of ours, but for now I'll just focus on not shrinking my jeans. 

4. Jimmy Fallon is the third member of our marriage. Rare is the night when we don't watch him online. We quote him often. 

5. We are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of our first meeting! Three years is definitely the longest I have ever liked the same person (other than Daniel Radcliffe from the ages of 9-12, I carried that torch for a long time. But then I outgrew him by six inches) and I plan on continuing this trend :) We are even more in love than ever and keep getting happier and happier. It's pretty awesome. 

Happy That: I don't have an exam or quiz today. Normally I have both on Thursdays and it's gross. 
Just Ate: A lovely Mexican lunch with my mom. 
About To: Dissect some grasshoppers.
Excited For: Halloweeeeen! Costume still undecided. It's between Katniss and Padme from Star Wars.
Days Until Christmas: 56 holy moly.  

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