Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Break With My Cat

The title of this post alone should attest to the state of my life (obviously, it's quite grand). Getting my wisdom tooth removed last Tuesday threw me for a loop-blogging wise and Husband's late nights at the office have made taking pictures difficult since it gets dark at like 7 pm now. Why can't it stay light out until 10 like during the summer? That was the best. Anyway. I'm sorry for the lack of blogging. To make up for it, I thought I would do a BONUS BINGLEY BLOG POST! Pretty exciting, I know.

So I spent my Fall Break with my cat. Husband had to work. Parents were busy. I was post-surgery. So a cat was about all the social companionship I could take anyway. Of course, I took a billion photos. Below are some highlights and a few captions (sorry for the random sizes of my photos...they were taken on my phone so the quality is a little iffy).

So we start with Monday. I get out of the shower to be greeted by this. Nothing too abnormal. 

Then he decided that the sink makes a good napping spot. 

Then he hung out with me in the office for a while. "If I fits, I sits," is his mantra. 

Then he was kind enough to serenade me a bit on the piano. It was quite lovely. 

Somehow he made his way up here. Then he just sat. For an unnervingly long time. 

Moving on to Tuesday. The day of my surgery. Bingley was very happy to sit with me whilst I noshed on applesauce. 

I set my binder in my lap to study and he saw it as a welcome invitation for a napping spot. He's literally lying on the rings, which couldn't have been that comfortable and yet, he stayed here for about ten minutes. 

Before I slid the binder out from under him. 

Can you spot the nose?

"Draw me like one of your French girls." 

Then he decided my laptop was a nice place to sit. 

Then back to the binder. Again.

And yet again.

But how could I get upset at a face like this?

Bingley was playing with the zipper on my laptop case, which was very annoying. So I folded down the corner of this sheet of paper to keep him entertained. It disappointed him greatly. 

Then I fell asleep and woke up to Bingley's paw wrapped around my neck and his face nestled up under my chin. 

I'm not even sure how he got into this position.

Or this one.

But rest assured, he took good care of me. We had a lovely (and very furry) 2 days together. 

Just: Ate some of a pumpkin bar. Even though I can't taste it (antibiotics side effect). It's been one of those days.
Keep Getting Distracted By: The music I'm listening to (currently it's on Pavarotti's famous 9 high C's song from La Fille du Regiment). I either sing along to the arias or air-cello play along with the orchestra. I need a life. 
Excited For: Date night! We won't be able to go on one until next week so Wednesday night it is. 
Days Until Christmas: 64

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