Monday, November 3, 2014

Black & White Sweater

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Sweater: Soigne Fashion // Leggings: JC Penney (accidentally linked the plus size version above, whoops. #toolazytofixit) // Necklace: Old Navy (similar above, only sold in certain stores) // Flats: Target // Satchel: Target

Things are finally beginning to feel like Fall here in Indiana, it even snowed on Friday??? Way too soon. But I do love that I can finally break out my serious sweaters, such as this amazing black & white number from Soigne Fashion. It's super comfy, warm, and goes with pretty much everything. It'll definitely help keep me warm these next few months. Use code "ANNIE25" for 25% off your whole order from Soigne! You can also follow them on IG @soignefashion for exclusive deals and offers :)

Are you starting to break out the serious winter-wear yet?

Excited For: The show I'm in to open on Friday!
Not Excited For: Long rehearsals every night this week.
Should Be: Studying for exams, writing papers, etc. etc. What else is new.
Days Until Christmas: 52

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  1. Love this sweater so much--I saw you post it on IG and it has been on my mind ever since ha! The pattern is gorgeous!



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