Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm Sittin' in the Indy Airport, Watching the Planes Fly Away, I'm Just Sittin' in the Indy Airport, Wastin' Time

Remember last year when I had the world's longest layover in the Denver airport over Thanksgiving Break?  And I was so bored that I wrote a blog post and changed lyrics from Les Mis's "I Dreamed A Dream" to fit the woes of a delayed shipping order?

Well here we are a year later. And here I am. At an airport. Waiting. By myself. And listening to T-Swift. But this time, I'm at the Indy airport. It is 5:16 pm. My flight does not leave until 9:40 pm. You may wonder why on EARTH I am here 4 hours before my flight and the answer is that I am cheap and lazy. I carpooled with friends who had a flight at 5:30 and just figured hey why not spend 6 hours at the airport? What's the worst that could happen? It's actually pleasant ish. Well, as pleasant as an airport can be. I waited for a seating area to clear out for a flight then I snatched up a prime charging station spot. I have so many wires around me right now but I don't care because this means my laptop will be fully charged for the flight so I can watch my art history DVD's! Nerd alert, nerd alert.

And as it turns out, I am actually sad because two sweaters I ordered a week and half ago that I thought FOR SURE would arrive before my Thanksgiving trip, have not even shipped yet. Just like last year. Stupid semi-sketchy online site. Life is full of beautiful little ironies. Here's how it happened:

I saw a couple of ladies on IG wearing stuff from this site called Sheinside. I decided to check it out and was really excited when I found tons of super cute sweaters that were actually affordable! I've been looking for cable-knit sweaters like these for over a year but the only ones that came close to what I was envisioning were $50+ and I just couldn't bring myself to buy them. But these. These were cheap. And I was a first-time user so I got 20% off and free shipping! Little did I know that "free shipping" meant that they were going to pick the slooooooowest shipping method out there and take over a week to process my order. I emailed customer service and got a quick response saying that he checked on my order and found that it was ready to be shipped, but to still allow 2-4 days for it to ACTUALLY ship. I'm annoyed, but I read online that people are generally pleased with the quality of clothes from the site so that's promising. A few reviews also complained about the shipping taking forever. I kind of doubt I'll order from them again, but I'm still very excited for these beauties to arrive. Has anyone else had experiences with Sheinside? I'd be curious to know what they were like.

Aren't they so cute?? They better be worth all this trouble.

And here's a pic of what I currently look like, since I posted one last year too.

Trying to have a somewhat normal look on my face as 500 people walk by me while I take a selfie on my laptop. Moderately successful. 

I'm going to be posting a gift guide for the holidays soon, but in the meantime I hope you all have an AMAZING Thanksgiving! I promise to do real outfit posts next week :)

Excited To: See Husband tonight!!
And: Be in a warm-weather place.
Wearing: Giant blanket scarf, sweater, leggings, mocs & socks.
Need To: Find a place to eat dinner that isn't completely greasy and gross.
Missing: Mr. Bingley.

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