Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So I'm obsessed with Disney World. I have been my entire life. And it's always been my DREAM to go with my future husband someday. You can read more about that right here. And guess what? We finally got to go last week and it was literally the most perfect Disney trip EVER. Obvi I took a gazillion photos to make sure that this trip was properly documented for our posterity and while I won't post aalllll of them, I figured I'd at least share a few :)

So here we are in Indy waiting for the bus to take us from the parking lot to the airport. It was -15 degrees. We were really cold. And miserable. I didn't want to bring my huge winter coat because Florida so I left it in the car and just brought my little cargo jacket. 


It was actually freezing in Florida. But not AS freezing as Indiana so I put on my happy face and about 5 layers (no joke) and embraced it. Everyday, I wore a tee shirt, a sweatshirt, a big sweater, my jacket, and my blanket scarf. And I was still a bit nippy at times BUT WHO CARES I WAS IN DISNEY WORLD. Husband was smart and brought along his fancy windbreaker.

Husband wore his dorky "1st Visit!" pin for exactly 6 minutes before deeming it embarrassing. I kept it :)

We told them this trip was like out second honeymoon so they gave us the official "Honeymooners" pins to wear around the park. Which we did for half a day but we quickly got sick of saying "Thank you!" to the dozens of very nice employees who congratulated us. 

Did you know Disney has the absolute BEST jasmine rice?? I can say this because I'm a rice expert. 

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort which was awesome, even though we were hoping our room would be pirate-themed as some of them are. We had some charming neighbors with two screaming children. They weren't toooooo bad, but they did like to scream while we were attempting to nap. Now we understand why the gift shops at the hotels sell earplugs. 

Here we are on day one at Magic Kingdom! We woke up at 6am and were one of the first ones into the park #winning. However as we walked briskly down Main Street, elbowing small children and parents with strollers out of the way to be first in line for the rides, Husband made a rookie mistake by following me too closely and stepped on my sandal, pulling it mostly off of my foot. This was a big problem because it's not like you can just casually walk over to the side of the road and fix it, I would have been quite literally trampled if I had stopped at that point. So I had no choice but to limp forward and carry on. Which is what I did. I messed up my sandal and my foot went numb, but gosh darn it we survived. 

We sat in the front row of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and I got drenched. Which I was not ok with. It smelled.

So partway through the first day, my ankle started to hurt really, really badly. I wasn't moving too fast so when we got back to the hotel I decided to check out the situation only to discover this awkward L-shaped bruise around my ankle?? How did this even happen?? I still have no idea. It did get better though. I took a lot of Aleve.

Day 2 at Animal Kingdom in front of the awesome tree! And look! There is NO ONE else in this picture! A true Disney miracle.

And here's us again, but this time in front of the Everest ride! Ooooooh.

Here we are on Day 3  in Hollywood Studios. Me obviously still a little cold. But still happy. 

Here I am in front of the TOWER OF TERROR. Wrapped in my blanket. The sun was out though so that made it much nicer outside. 

I have a major obsession with Dole Whip ice cream. It's magical. I aaaalmost bought this cute little ceramic version of it, but talked myself out of it. Barely. 

I had an even HARDER time talking myself out of getting this mini Cinderella's castle. I may still try and order it online...

WARM BROWNIE GHIRADELLI SUDNAE.  It was delicious. We split it, but I could have easily downed one on my own. 

Snow White mug! I've been looking for one for yeeeears. They finally made one.

Our final dinner at the fancy African restaurant, Jiko. They put us in the special private wine room. We felt really important even though they were probably mad that we didn't order any wine haha. 

Yummy yummy African food. 

It was wonderful.

After our last dinner, we went back to Magic Kingdom and got to see the castle all lit up. It was seriously one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. This picture doesn't even do it justice. If you've never been to Disney during the holidays when it's covered in lights, you really need to. It's totally worth it. 

Best trip. So far :)

Should Be: Showering. 
Just Finished: My stats homework.
Sad That: School has begun.
But At Least: I'm a senior now! Where has the time gone?
Hoping That: The ice melts soon. 

Days Until Christmas: 345

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