Sunday, July 12, 2015

$35 J. Crew Dress

Shop the Look:
Dress: J. Crew // Purse: Coach // Necklace: Shop Emma Joy (exact one here) // Shoes: Target // Bangle: Purple Peridot (exact one here)

Remember the saga of me trying to get a navy dress from J. Crew? If not you can read about it here here and here. J. Crew was having a RIDICULOUS sale a few weeks ago and on a whim I checked to see if they still had the blush version of the navy dress I got (and absolutely love) a few months ago. I originally fell in love with the blush version in store, but talked myself getting the navy since that color seemed more versatile. But deep in my heart, I wanted the blush one too. So I checked their site. And they had exactly one left. In my size. For $35 (normally $148). The adrenaline starting pulsing through my veins as I clicked as frantically as I could trying to place my order. Later that day, I got a shipping confirmation and all was right with the world. I consider this my biggest shopping victory to date.

Sitting: Next to the hubs.
Dreading: Monday.
And: The fact that I have a lot of homework/papers/tests this week.
But: I get to visit my sister soon! So it's all worth it.
Contemplating: Watching Frozen.
Because: Why not.
Days Until Christmas: 166

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