Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nice Hope Jewelry

Shop the Look:
Top: Triple Thread // Purse: Coach // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Target // Ring: Nica HOPE Jewelry (c/o) // Bracelet: Nice HOPE Jewelry (c/o)

If you want to buy some beautiful handmade jewelry and do some good in the world, then check out Fabretto. By purchasing pieces from them, you are directly contributing to the development of educational programs in Nicaragua, as well as to the artisans who created teh goods. These pieces were created by Tatiana Rojas. Tatiana is enrolled in a program that helps her not only earn money from the jewelry she creates, but learn basic business and entrepreneurial skills. If you want to learn more about this amazing program and what it does for women, click here. And if you want to purchase some jewelry, click here.  Currently, Fabretto is competing to win $500k from Microsoft. This money would make a huge different for this organization and would aid them in helping even more women. To vote for them, click here and use the twitter handle @fabretto in your post and the hashtag #upgradeyourworld. I am incredibly passionate about teaching women all over the world about business so they can become entrepreneurs themselves. Please take a few seconds from your day to vote for this wonderful organization!

Glad: To be home from my trip :)
Not Glad: That school starts on Monday...
But: It's my last semester!
About To: Go to the Farmers' Market omnomnom
Days Until Christmas: 127

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