Monday, February 1, 2016

JORD Wood Watches


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Watch: JORD Watches (c/o; exact one here) // Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Target // Purse: Tory Burch // Cuff: Kendra Scott // Bangle: J. Crew

I'm usually not a high-collar person, but I saw this dress online and totally fell for it. I love that it's gorgeous enough on its own to not need a ton of accessories. But I couldn't resist a jewelry stack on my wrist to complement the dress :) I'm especially obsessed with this wooden watch I have on from JORD Watches! I've worn it pretty much everyday since it arrived...

In case you haven't noticed, wooden accessories are taking the fashion world by storm. Everything from sunglasses to jewelry to watches are now being made out of wood. JORD's wooden watches are amazing. They are unique and very sleek/fashionable. I was especially surprised by how lightweight they are! I hate heavy watches so this was a very happy discovery. Many of the watches are gender neutral as well, but they do have some that are particularly girly and some that are more masculine. The one I have could easily be worn by either men or women.

I love that their watches aren't just the stereotypical watches that you see everyone wearing. They are different (in a good way) and are sure to be noticed by the people around you. I've only had my watch for a few weeks but I've already received tons of compliments on it. And the best part? They send your watch custom fitted for your wrist! Last time I got a new watch, I had to spend over $20 to have someone remove the extra links. Which was dumb. So I'm super glad JORD went ahead and did that for me and it fits PERFECTLY (you can print out a ruler from their website with instructions on how to measure your wrist; it's super easy).

If you're looking for an accessory that most people don't have that still looks just as stylish and fashionable, JORD Watches is the place to go! I also have a special little surprise for my this link to claim your gift from JORD!

Watching: My friend on Jeopardy!! She's awesome.
Just: Bought tickets for hubby & I's summer trip!
Excited For: THE BACHELOR.
Days Until Christmas: 328

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