Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baby! First Trimester

I've gotten lots of questions regarding how I found out I'm pregnant, how I told my family, how I've been feeling, etc. so I figured I'd write a little recap of these past three months and share it with all of you! So here we go haha.

The hubs and I had been trying for a little less than a year to get pregnant with no success. I was starting to get slightly frustrated and worried, but I knew that there were plenty of people out there who didn't get pregnant RIGHT away so I tried my best to stay patient. It was frustrating though because my cycles were veeerrrryyyyyy inconsistent so I never even knew when I should take a pregnancy test. It was all guesswork. And I ended up taking a LOT of negative tests. I was constantly googling every random symptom I had to see if it could be a sign that I was pregnant and guess what? Pretty much anything could mean that you're pregnant. Or dying (thanks WebMD).

But there was one weekend in particular that seemed different. It was the weekend when Chris and I impulsively decided to go to Disney World and visit my grandparents. I was starting to have some cramps so I packed all my gear just in case. I had had a few moments of weird nausea early in the mornings before I got out of bed, but it never lasted long so I didn't think much about it. We had a great weekend in Florida and my period never showed up so I was feeling quite grateful that I didn't have to deal with it while traveling. But my stomach was still quite crampy. Once we got home, I decided to take a pregnancy test since I had one sitting in my bathroom drawer anyway. While I was waiting for the results to show up, I got ready to go to the gym and didn't think much about the test since I had been disappointed so many times before. I came back to check on it and it said "PREGNANT". And I said a mild expletive. And I started crying.

I was pregnant in this photo and didn't even know it!

I immediately wanted to tell Chris so I called him, but he didn't pick up. Which in retrospect was a good thing because it was MUCH more fun to tell him in person :) But it was seriously the LONGEST five hours of my life waiting for him to get home from work. When he finally came home for dinner, I told him I had a little surprise to thank him for taking me to Disney World. He opened the gift box I had set on the table and saw a little onesie. He looked at me and said, "Wait, did we...?" And I told him to lift up the onesie and once he did, he saw the positive pregnancy test. He got the biggest smile on his face and we hugged for a long time. He even cried a little bit! Which basically never happens. Unfortunately, I had rehearsal that night so we had to quickly eat dinner so I could get there on time but we had a lovely dinner talking about the baby and how excited we were.

I knew I had to tell my parents as soon as possible since we spend so much time with them and it would be incredibly difficult to not share our happy news. But sadly, my mom was out of town and had some flight issues coming home and was going to be gone another day. It was torture. However, it gave me time to figure out a cute ish way to tell them we were expecting. I had read online that the baby was the size of a poppy seed so I thought it would be cute to give them a poppy seed and tell them that was the size of their first grand-baby. So off to the grocery store I went to buy poppy seeds. But I guess since poppy seeds are an opiate they don't sell them?? Who knew. So I had to buy a 12-pack of assorted muffins and pick out a poppy seed from one of them.

I called my mom the morning she was flying home and told her I wanted to stop by and see her and my dad after my rehearsal that night. I told her I knew it would be late but it would be short. She said she was going to have an early morning the next day so she didn't really want to stay up late if she didn't have to. Mildly frustrated, I told her we had perishable gifts from Disney World that we needed to give her THAT NIGHT. Finally she consented.

Around 9:45, Chris and I came to their house and I told them to close their eyes and asked my mom to hold out her hand. I put an index card with a poppy seed taped to it in her palm and a small bag of Disney chocolates on top. I told them they could open their eyes and they oohed and aahed over the chocolates. Then my mom stared at the card with a confused look on her face.

Me: "Do you know what that is?"

Mom: "...a black speck?"

Me: "It's a poppy seed! And coincidentally, the size of your first grand-baby!"

They both screamed in delight and there was lots of hugging and tears. I told them I was due Christmas Day and they couldn't believe it (and frankly neither can I. This baby already has a sense of humor). We chatted for a while and it's been like all we can talk about since.

We weren't as creative telling the rest of our family members haha but it was still fun to share our happy news with everyone.

Many of you know, I have emetophobia (an intense fear of vomiting and vomit, gives me panic attacks) so my biggest fear growing up has been being pregnant. I was terrified that I would have really bad morning sickness like my mom and then never want to have more kids. I would even lay awake at night freaked out about getting pregnant. But, I knew that I would never know if I didn't try so I acted on faith and decided to try and get pregnant despite my intense fears. And I am ecstatic to report that at 12 weeks, I have not vomited once! It has truly been a miracle and gift from God. I thank Him everyday for how good I have felt. It hasn't been without other pregnancy pains and symptoms, but I'll take anything over vomiting. I've been VERY tired, had pretty intense cramping, some nausea, and I often struggle to find foods that sound good to eat but things are getting better. Chris will also tell you that I am rather emotional haha. I'm sure other things will come up these next six months but I feel so lucky to have gotten this far without any big issues.

I was ESPECIALLY grateful that I felt good during our Italy trip! Minus being super tired and a bit of a picky eater.

We had our first doctor appointment and everything looks good! It was so crazy to see our little baby (now the size of a plum) moving and flipping around in my stomach. We got one really good view of it where it actually looked like a little person and not just a weird blob. I watch the ultrasound video at least three times a day haha. It brings me so much joy.

My bump is already very noticeable to me. If I wear tight clothing, it looks like I have eaten an enormous burrito. It's a disorienting feeling because when I look down, I think "oh my gosh look at my food baby I have eaten so much today I need to not eat as much" and then I remember I've only had a granola bar and a smoothie and it's 4 pm. It's been kind of hard accepting the changes that are happening to my body, but it's also exciting to see that my belly is growing and that means the baby is growing too. It's an adjustment, but I am so happy.

You can kind of see the bump here haha but look! So happy!

Thank you all again for all of your love and support. It makes us so excited to see others so excited about the baby. This child is going to have some amazing people in its life! 

Watching: Property Brothers (not my favorite HGTV show, but still pleasant). 
Craved: A McDonald's ice cream cone for breakfast. I did not cave but it was close. 
About: To do a craft! We'll see how it turns out. 
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 200! Holy moly. 


  1. How exciting! I am so happy for you & Chris, & of course the ecstatic grandparents. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. How exciting! I am so happy for you & Chris, & of course the ecstatic grandparents. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. I loved reading every bit of this! We are so excited for you!!!

  4. So happy for you! My pregnancy was very similar.. No morning sickness but I was super tired the entire time! I also found it hard to accept the body changes... And unfortunately had some pretty severe anxiety about becoming a mother and was very scared and nervous about the changes that were about to happen. The good news is you adjust and your baby is the best thing ever!

  5. I am feeling great love for both of you.

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