Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Preview with Grace & Lace

We may be almost into October, but it still very much feels like Summer here. But I'm not complaining! Winters tend to drag on fooooreverrrrr here in Indiana so I'm going to enjoy wearing my warm-weather clothes as much as I can. I am looking forward to wearing some more layered looks, but probably not until like late-October mid-November.

While I won't be posting any Fall outfits for a few more weeks, I figured I'd do a Fall Preview of sorts with one of my favorite online retailers, Grace & Lace! They were kind enough to send me a whole package filled with cold weather goodies and it got me all sorts of excited. You can check out the pieces above as well as some other Fall items that pair excellently with them. Plus you can shop them for yourself simply by clicking on any of the images that intrigue you. I would highly recommend getting one of their ponchos (I have two because I'm thinking they'll be super helpful for nursing in the Winter months) as well as some boot cuffs! They're all adorable and super functional. They add a nice touch of femininity to any outfit. Their faux-suede fringe jacket is also to die for. You'll be seeing all these pieces styled on my blog/insta as soon as the weather merits it!

Now that I have my laptop in (temporary) working order, I'll be posting some more outfit posts soon! I'll also be discussing maternity jeans, Fall trends I'm excited to partake in, and a bumpdate as I enter my third trimester. I'm also starting to get lots of great baby goodies c/o some amazing companies and I cannot WAIT to share these products with all you mamas and mamas-to-be! Basically there's a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks :)

About: To go to my dad's birthday dinner! He's the best.
Feeling: Larger. My bump still has quite a bit to go but it is definitely growing and I can feel it.
Hoping: To paint our dresser/changing table soon so we can get it moved into the nursery!
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 97

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