Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Maternity Style with PinkBlush

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Top: PinkBlush (c/o; maternity version here, non-maternity similar version here) // Necklace: Kendra Scott (exact one here) // Leggings PinkBlush (c/o; maternity version here, non-maternity similar version here) // Purse: Forever 21 (similar here) // Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar here)

My approach to maternity clothes was to buy a few pairs of jeans, nicer pants, and leggings that were maternity, a few maternity tops, and then get loooots of non-maternity sweaters/cardigans/jackets that I could wear with just a plain top and pants but that could also work after the pregnancy. I figured I could mix and match the various pieces and be able to make lots of outfits without needing to buy a ton of stuff. Fall/Winter also means scarf season so I could change up my outfits even more just by switching out some different accessories. This strategy has worked quite well overall so far! I have four pairs of maternity pants and a pair of leggings and just a handful of actual maternity tops. I've bought lots of sweaters and cardigans as well that I looove and am really excited to be able to wear post-partum as well.

This top and these pants are some of my favorite maternity pieces I've gotten! I have always loved PinkBlush's non-maternity clothes so as soon as I started shopping around for pregnancy clothing, I knew I would definitely be checking out all of their maternity clothes. I must say, they did not disappoint! They have soooo many cute maternity clothes it's ridiculous. They sent me two tops (this one you see above and this one) as well as these moto leggings and I wear them all so much! The tops are especially great since they'll work as non-maternity tops too once I give birth. The leggings are super comfortable and they're full-panel, which I greatly prefer for maternity pants. The panel is nude so I don't have to worry about the panel showing through my lighter tops (I run into this problem all the time with dark blue panels on my jeans, you'd think people would get smart and just do all nude panels??). The leggings are even nice enough to wear to work, which is a huge plus as the weather gets cooler here.

What I've always liked about PinkBlush Boutique is that their items are unique and really great quality. I don't see every other person on Instagram wearing the same pieces that they sell but from different boutiques. Their prices are also quite affordable! They have a huuuuuge selection for maternity, non-maternity, and plus size so pretty much anyone can find something to love there. I also may or may not have bought one of their maternity robes for the hospital. It's so pretty I almost don't even want to bring it for fear of it being ruined! But it's also insanely comfortable so I may just bring it anyway.

Watching: World Series!!
Happy: That the husband and I got to have a date night tonight :)
Thinking: My belly makes for a nice laptop desk.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 54!!

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  1. This maternity style with PinkBlush is absolute perfection! The featured outfits are not only chic but also celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. The floral dress is a standout, radiating elegance and comfort. PinkBlush truly knows how to make maternity fashion feel stylish and effortless. Bravo on showcasing such fabulous looks!


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