Monday, March 10, 2014


I love shoes. But I don't love spending mucho $$$ on them. I recently discovered which sells TONS of great shoes for super reasonable prices. These definitely caught my attention because spring means that my feet can see the light of day again! Which is super exciting. They have an especially impressive collection of shoes that are perfect for warmer weather such as heels, sandals, and flats. All very trendy and in style, but much cheaper. Be sure to click on the links and search their site! They have so many cute things and for such great prices? Definitely worth checking out. Here are a few of my favorites:

Remember those ADORABLE kitten flats T-Swift wore? They have a knockoff high heel AND flat version!! I really might just have to get one or both because they're pretty much the cutest shoes ever. AND LOOK HOW MUCH CHEAPER THEY ARE. T-Swift's originals retail for about $675. 

I love the subtle fish scale texture to these pumps. They're the perfect neutral shoe with a touch of visual interest. 

Everyone needs a good pair of glitter heels

This studded heel style with pointed toe is HUGE right now. Literally all over the place. I love the rhinestone detail at the toe. 

Flat sandals are an absolute must for spring/summer. I love the peach color of these. They'll pair perfectly with blue or white denim as well as maxi dresses. 

The cut-out detail on these heels is so chic and the color will look great on most any foot. 

Everyone also needs a leopard heel. Because it's basically a neutral. 

Wedge sandals are ideal for girls like me who may be a bit clumsy in stilettos. BONUS: Won't sink in the grass. 

I was very wary of the wedge tennis shoe look, but the lace detail on these is super cute and the gray color will be easy to wear. 

I looooove these flats. Metallic and studs on the front, very fancy. 

Knockoff Toms for a fraction of the price? Yes please. 

Digging the lace ones too. 

I need a black pointed toe heel and these might just be the ones. Such a classic look, you'll be able to wear them forever. 

I hope you'll find your dream pair of shoes (or twelve) on this site and buy a little gift for yourself! You and your feet absolutely deserve it after surviving this awful winter. 

Have a happy Monday!

Coming Up Tomorrow On The Blog: Adventures in Physical Therapy--Part I. 
Taking: A hard midterm this afternoon. Ew. 
Excited For: The Bachelor! Ish. I really ought to just write a whole blog post on my feelings about this season. There are too many to sum up in a sentence or two. 
Glad That: Spring Break is nigh! 
Promoting: Good weather this week by dressing like it's warm despite the actual temperatures.
Days Until Christmas: 289


  1. These shoes are so pretty! My feet are just so weird, I hate to spring for the shoes.

    1. Aw that's so sad! I hope you can find at least one good pair for warmer weather :) You deserve it!


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