Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Outfit: Metallic Skirt

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Skirt: J. Crew  (ON SALE!) // Necklace: Mae Christina (c/o; they're amazing!!) // Shoes: Old Navy // Purse: Target

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend/Passover week (even though that it was like 5 days ago)! Mine was filled with lots of rich food and candy. Just how I like it. On Friday I hid some eggs for Husband that he had to hunt for. He found all 24 within about ten minutes. So proud.

This Easter weekend happened to fall on my church's bi-annual world broadcast (we call it General Conference) which meant no formal church services :( But it's ok because Gen Con is awesome. You can watch all the amazing speakers here. So since we had no church meeting, I didn't teeeechnically have to dress up for Easter Sunday. But I did anyway since we had a nice-ish dinner that evening. And who can resist wearing a metallic skirt???? No one, that is the answer.

ALSO J. CREW DRESS UPDATE. You guys. I got a shipping confirmation email!!!! This is a true miracle. But of course I won't fully believe this is happening until I open my mailbox and find that perfect package sitting there. I'll let you guys know as soon as that happens, don't worry :)

Happy almost weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Watching: Netflix with the hubs.
Excited For: WEEKEND YAY!
So Happy That: It was 70 degrees today! Oh my gosh it was marvelous.
Days Until Christmas: 260

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