Monday, April 6, 2015

LBD/Rift with J. Crew

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Dress: Nordstrom (everyone needs an LBD, including you. Lots of options above) // Shoes: Target (all the shoes linked above come in nude, not sure why the pictures only show black...) // Necklace: J. Crew // Purse: Kohl's

You guys, I love J. Crew. This is no secret. But I'm having a bit of a tiff with them. I ordered this super pretty dress (in navy) from J. Crew about a month ago in anticipation of a school awards ceremony I had coming up in April. It was on sale too so I was super excited. It ended up getting backordered not once, but twice. They said it was going to ship March 23rd, which would have been in time for my event. But it got to be around March 27th and I still hadn't received a shipping confirmation. I called J. Crew twice to see if they could move this along or offer some sort of compensation since it was becoming more and more clear that the dress would not arrive in time. The best they did for me was note my complaint in the feedback section of my order. Thanks, J. Crew, thanks.

My mother took me pity on me and took me to Indy to find an alternate dress the day before the banquet. I found this LBD from Nordstrom for under $50 (WIN) and I must say, I love it a lot. It's super versatile and comfy. I love anything that can be dressed up or down with a simple change of accessories. BUT I DIGRESS.

So the event came and went, and still no dress. Yesterday I got an email informing me that "there just weren't enough dresses" so they cancelled my order. Do you want the knife back, J. Crew, or should I just leave it in my heart?

I became very sad. 


I went online and saw that my size had randomly been restocked???? So I re-ordered it????? Haven't received a shipping confirmation yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more...

Watching: March Madness!
And Rooting For: Wisconsin. Duh.
Loving: This warm weather we've been having!
Days Until Christmas: 263

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