Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

As many of you know, we were supposed to maybe find out if we're having a boy or girl Thursday at my doctor's appointment but of course, my doctor got called out for delivery. Such sadness. So to console myself, I did some Nordstrom Sale shopping and rounded up my favorite pieces! I've already purchased numbers 2, 3, and 7 but I'm sure I'll be making more purchases soon :) Click the images above to shop them or see my thoughts on each piece and click the links there! I would LOVE some input in terms of maternity fashion for fall so please let me know your thoughts!

And if you're unfamiliar with how the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale works, Nordstrom card holders can shop the sale now through July 21st and then on the 22nd anyone can shop there! Here's a sneak peek link anyone can see so even if you can't buy anything until the 22nd, you can plan out what you want to purchase!

1. Booties: I have two pairs of booties in this color and they're pretty much all I wear in the fall/winter and therefore, VERY worn out. So I think I'm probably due for a new pair and these are a great price and height! Plus no laces to deal with. #win

2. Hooded Jacket: I'm obsessed with this jacket. Hence it's one of the pieces I've already purchased haha. It's an unusual color but I think it'll actually be quite versatile. I can see myself wearing it with jeans, olive pants, as well as over dresses. And it has a hood! Which is great for rainy days.

3. Fringe Scarf: This emerald color is soooo gorg and only $12!! Comes in a few other colors too :)

4. Pajamas: Ok so every blog I've read about what to bring to the hospital when you deliver talks about how great it is to have button-down top pajamas for nursing/comfort. Would you mothers out there agree? And if so, do I need to get a dark color like the blogs suggest? Because I really like the lighter colors better but I don't want them to get totally ruined...

5. Duffel: Has an over-the-shoulder strap and is plenty roomy. It's the perfect size for weekend trips! And of course a very classic style.

6. Poncho: I want this poncho SO. BAD. I'm hoping it'll maybe get marked down a bit more later? But who knows.

7. Stripe Tee: I love the longer length of this and it comes in several colors and patterns. And you really can't beat the price...

8. Plaid Fringe Cardigan: This is another piece that I think could be really good for maternity-wear. It'll be easy to layer with just a tee underneath. And I KNOW the pets will love the fringe.

9. Robe: Another delivery and post-delivery essential that I've seen mentioned a lot is a nice long robe to wear at the hospital. I like how neutral this one is but maybe I should get a fun pattern? Idk haha but I do love anything soft and cozy.

10. Slippers: I bought some pink scuff slippers from Forever 21 for like $8 last year and I have worn them pretty much everyday. I'm thinking about investing in a slightly nicer pair like this UGG one that has a bit more traction.

11. UGG Cardigan: Speaking of UGG, how cute is this long cardigan?? I especially love the cable knit detail on the back.

12. Long Cardigan: Comes in tons of colors, can be worn a million different ways, and a good price. Doesn't get much better than that.

13. Ruffle Back Sweater: You guys know I can't resist anything with a ruffle on it. I'll probably need one of these in every color.

14. Sperry Duck Boot: Normally I don't like to mess with laces, especially in the winter, which is why I mainly wear my Hunter boots (easy to slide on and off). But these are super cute and look quite easy to get on and off so I'm pretty tempted...

15. Lounge Pants: I love lounge pants. I mean, if you have to wear pants, they're a pretty good variety. I'm not sure if these ones are practical for me to get since my belly is expanding at a rapid rate but they are ridiculously cute and comfy-looking.

16. Buffalo Check Jacket: How stinking cute is this jacket??? I love the loose fit and the fact that it zips up. And duh hood.

Happy shopping, everyone! What's on your fall wardrobe wish list? 

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