Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Comfy Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuit: Old Navy (sold out, similar ones above) // Sandals: Old Navy // Tote: Hobby Lobby // Necklace: J. Crew

You know those pieces you buy in March when it's still 30 degrees and snowing outside but you're so over winter clothes that you decide to go ahead and buy warm-weather stuff anyway but forget to actually wear when it's summer? This jumpsuit is one of those pieces. When I discovered it while reorganizing my closet, I got super excited and immediately decided to put it on and it made me soooo happy.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been avoiding jeans in all forms as much as I can since they're not terribly comfortable with my expanding waistline. Therefore anything that is loose and comfy wins. I like that this particular jumpsuit has a drawstring waist so I can adjust it easily throughout the day (my belly is the biggest/most uncomfortable directly after dinner, shocking). Jumpsuits are especially great since it takes care of a top and bottom and you can accessorize them a million different ways with scarves/necklaces/sweaters/shoes. They're incredibly versatile and can be dressed up for work or events or down for casual outings or lounging.

Sadly since I bought this particular jumpsuit a few months ago, it is sold out. BUT. I've linked tons of other great jumpsuit options for pregnant and non-pregnant people alike plus I've listed three tips on things to look for/consider when buying a jumpsuit. So take a look and enjoy the wonderful comfort and joy that is the jumpsuit!

1. Material: I hateeeee a jumpsuit that wrinkles easily so be wary of the fabric content. Jersey and certain chambrays are always a safe bet and guaranteed to be super comfy (check out this or this).

2. Bathroomability: Trust me. You don't want a jumpsuit that takes 5 minutes to get on and off. Especially when you're going to the bathroom every half hour like myself. Look for one that doesn't have a ton of buttons and instead has a zipper down the back or stretches enough that you can slide the top part on and off with ease (like this or this).

3. Inseam length: This is especially important if you're tall. I've ordered several jumpsuits online only to discover that they ride up quite a bit in the crotch so try on jumpsuits in store if possible or make sure you're only ordering from a site that has a good return/exchange policy. Asos and H&M offer free returns and Old Navy lets you return in store fo' free (check out this one that's specifically for tall people).

Happy jumpsuit buying! Comment below if you have found a good one! I'm always up for buying more :)

Feeling: Large. I feel the worst in the evening for some reason. My belly looks/feels enormous and I tend to get a lot of cramps at night as well. Right before bed is also when my acid reflux decides to appear haha. It's a great time. But it could be so much worse! In fact, I'm sure it'll get much more worse in a few months.
Made: Coconut crusted tofu for dinner and it was faaaab.
Excited: That I'm going to NYC next month!
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 166!

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