Monday, September 3, 2018

It's A Girl!


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As most, if not all of you already know, we are having a baby girl! I am so very excited. Throughout this pregnancy, I had a feeeeeeeling it was a girl, but I also thought Henrik was a girl so I tried not to put too much stock into my "feeling". I've always wanted to have at least one boy and one girl so I thought it would be convenient to have a girl next since I do NOT plan on being pregnant again for a GOOD LONG WHILE. But at the same time, I also loooooove baby boys so I really wasn't going to be disappointed either way. Plus since my due dates are literally identical, I thought it would be nice if it was a boy to be able to re-use virtually his entire wardrobe. Much conflicted feelings.

A few weeks leading up to our anatomy scan, I started having incredibly vivid dreams that I was having a girl. To the point that I would wake up CONVINCED that we already knew it was a girl. From that point on, it was reeeeaaallly hard to not keep thinking of the baby as "she". I tried to not use female pronouns when thinking about the baby in my head, but it happened anyway.

The day before our ultrasound seriously felt like Christmas Eve. I could not WAIT to find out. My appointment was pretty early in the day so I dropped off Henrik at my mom's house shortly after he woke up and headed to the doctor's office. Chris was able to join me for the ultrasound, which was so great. Monday mornings are usually crazy busy for him with work and meetings so I was really grateful he was able to slip away.

The ultrasound itself took fooooorever. It was one of the longest ultrasounds I had ever had (about an hour). The baby was not being terribly cooperative so examining and getting images of each part took several attempts. The ultrasound tech had me rolling from side to side, changing positions and incline, using the bathroom, etc. etc. in an effort to try and get the baby to a good spot. FIIIIINALLY, the tech said that she kept seeing "three white lines", which I knew meant a girl! She said she wasn't totally confident, but she didn't see anything to make her think it was a boy. With Henrik, it was super obvious right away that he was definitely a boy so the ambiguity made me a bit nervous. Before we left the ultrasound room, she asked how confident she was that it was a girl and she said 90%, which was good enough for us!

As excited as I was to hear that we were having a girl, I walked out of the doctor's office after my appointment and saw a dad in the waiting room holding a brand new baby boy and my heart broke just a tiny bit. But I'm sure that would have happened if I had found out we were having a boy and I saw a brand new baby girl right after too haha. I JUST WANT ALL THE BABIES.

It was VERY difficult to not tell my mom the gender when I went to pick up Henrik, but I wanted to tell her and my dad at the same time that evening. When we found out with Henrik, they were out of town so we had to Facetime them, which was fun! But telling people in person is always way better.

That afternoon, I made gender reveal cupcakes so when you bit into them, the icing inside was pink. I'm nooooot a super crafty baker person, but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Later that night we went to our good family friends' house with my parents and everyone bit into the cupcakes at the same time to see that it was a girl! It was so great to be able to celebrate with my parents and our friends whose kids are basically the closest thing I have to younger siblings. Everyone was obviously very excited and we had a good time visiting with each other.

Now that we know it's a girl, I've had fun buying headbands, floral blankets, and a few outfits. I plan to still reuse a lot of Henrik's clothes and just put a girly headband on her to make her look more definitively like a girl. I've also made a few purchases for her nursery, but we are going to be moving everything currently in the closet/storage room into a new room we are converting in our garage so that Henrik can have his own "big boy" room and the baby can stay in the nursery. I'm really hoping we can get the room in our garage constructed soon so I can start all the big projects that will be involved with setting up the kids' rooms. Also kids????? I still can't wrap my head around having TWO babies!! It bloooows my mind.

Everything else pregnancy-wise is going well, although my sciatic nerve pain is making an earlier appearance than I would like (I only struggled with it the last month of my previous pregnancy) so I've started going back to the chiropractor for regular adjustments and that's been helping. Hoping my body doesn't totally fall apart yet!

As always, thank you all for your support throughout this pregnancy! It's so great to share my excitement with everyone.

Watching: Project Runway
Enjoying: Our day off! It's been so great to have Chris around so I can actually get a bunch of things (like blogging) done.
Hoping: I can maybe still fit in a catnap this afternoon.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 113!!!

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