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33 Week Bumpdate!

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When I was pregnant with Henrik, it was so easy to take frequent photos and blog about my pregnancy since we had so few things going on compared to now. But I absolutely love looking back at those posts and photos so I'm going to try really hard to post more this last trimester! Especially because realistically, there's a decent chance this baby could be coming quite a bit early (more on that later) so I have to take advantage of the time I have (and the belly!). Without further ado, here's the 33 week bumpdate!

Preeclampsia: As of right now, I'm going into the doctor's office twice a week for non-stress tests/monitoring since my blood pressure is a bit of a concern. If you recall, my high blood pressure and other preeclampsia symptoms are what led to my having to be hospitalized and induced with Henrik. Thankfully, I was towards the end of my pregnancy when those issues arose so it wasn't a big deal to induce me. This time, I've been having some high blood pressure readings much earlier on so they're having me take aspirin daily, watching my symptoms closely, and now I'm having frequent non-stress tests. I think I've successfully convinced my doctor to reduce the NST's to once a week as long as my blood pressure remains ok (it's been a bit elevated the last few appointments but nothing too bad). Which I'm extremely grateful for. I want all the time with Henrik that I can get and being gone two mornings a week is a lot. If at any point my blood pressure gets too high and I have other preeclampsia symptoms (like protein in my urine), then they'll induce me. So basically this baby could come tomorrow or I could go past my due date again haha it's totally unpredictable but that's just the nature of babies anyway! I'm really grateful I haven't had to be hospitalized for any long periods of time, put on bedrest, or had any other major complications.

Ultrasounds: Like with Henrik, I've had many ultrasounds with this baby (I think I've had five so far? Honestly it's hard to remember). Two of them were to check on the baby's heart because of some family heart conditions but they couldn't find anything wrong with her heart so that's good! Another one was to check and make sure the baby and my cervix were ok after having some mild spotting. The rest of the ultrasounds have just been the routine anatomy scan and growth scans due to the aforementioned risks of my blood pressure. I have two more scheduled for this pregnancy, we'll see how far I get! The baby has been consistently fairly uncooperative for the ultrasounds. Particularly in regards to showing her face. We have only had one ultrasound where we got a halfway decent look at her face in 3D. The tech was able to print some of those photos and they bring me so much joy. She is measuring a bit big, but who knows how much she'll end up weighing. Her head, however, has consistently been in the 95th percentile for size sooooo that's good haha. She also has visible hair, but if it's blonde like Henrik's it won't be really visible until she's about two years old.

Sciatica: My sciatic nerve pain has been bothering me more lately, but I can still walk pretty easily and if I go to the chiropractor about once a week, it doesn't get too out of hand. Looking forward to that pain going away after I give birth :) Feeling very grateful I'm still able to workout 5 days a week, even if it's just walking on a treadmill and watching Jeopardy. It is really hard for me to chase Henrik around, lift him up and down a lot, and wrestle him in and out of his stroller. If I overdo it, I am in a lot of pain afterwards and it takes a while to get back to normal. This has limited some of our outings (like I can't take him to a park by myself), but we are still trying to get out and do fun things while it's just him.

Heartburn: I had really horrible heartburn during my second trimester with Henrik so when I reached 28/29 weeks without experiencing anything, I thought I had dodged a bullet! Sadly, not so. The heartburn is back in action. I have learned that Tums are disgusting no matter the flavor but they do tend to help!

Leg cramps: I am much more prone to cramping in my calves and feet this pregnancy, which I also experienced with Henrik. It's been better the last week or two, which is great. When we were in New York about a month ago, I had one cramp that was so bad I actually cried haha so pathetic. Thankfully Chris was able to help me massage and relax the muscles to get rid of it.

Contractions: I have a lot of Braxton Hicks and actual contractions most days, but nothing consistent or intense enough to warrant a call to the doctor. Sometimes I'll start to time them, but they never seem to last more than an hour or so.

Dreams: I don't remember having this as much with Henrik, but I have had crazy vivid and bizarre dreams this pregnancy. They feel very real and often lead to me waking up extremely stressed. I can't recall details, but I'm usually mad at something and yelling at someone. It would be nice if I could just have a really vivid dream about lying on a beach or something, but alas.

Cravings: Nothing terribly specific, but I have been wanting peanut butter more than usual.

Nesting: I feel a great sense of urgency to get the house and all of the baby's things ready, but everything is kind of on hold until we can get the new room we added to our house set up with closet rods and storage. Most of what we need has been ordered so hopefully we can install the rods and shelves in the next week or so and then I can start moving everything from the current closet room into the new room, Henrik into the old closet room, and the baby into Henrik's current room. It's going to be a ton of work and it may not all get done before she arrives, but I'm eager to get started and hopefully get rid of a lot of stuff in the process. I'm also trying to get the rest of the birthday and Christmas gifts squared away so if she does come a bit early, I'm not scrambling at the last minute to get all of that done.

Name: We have a few girl names we like, but are still workshopping. Stay tuned.

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing mostly leggings with sweaters/cardigans as well as athleisure (workout leggings and tees) since they're easy to hang out and play with Henrik in as well as allow for peak comfort during my appointments. Occasionally (once or twice a week) I get fancy and put on maternity jeans with a top and then obviously I dress up more for church (like the outfit I'm wearing above). It's been fun to dress my belly now that it's more round and wear some of my favorite maternity pieces from last pregnancy.

Photos: We are having our maternity/family photos taken this upcoming Saturday! I thought I had everyone's outfits all figured out, but sadly the pants I ordered for Henrik are too big and the shirt just doesn't quite work. Henrik has also decided that he despises bow ties so please pray I'll be able to bribe him into wearing his new bow tie for at least a few of the photos.

That's pretty much all for now! Hopefully the baby doesn't come too soon so I can do at least a few more posts about this pregnancy. As always, thank you for all the support and love! It means the world to us.

About: To go to bed. DST has hit me hard and I'm exhausted haha.
Happy: That the weather has cooled down a smidge so I can wear my fall/winter maternity clothes.
Watching: House Hunters International
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 51 HOLY MOLY

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