Tuesday, December 11, 2018

36 Week Bumpdate

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Dress: Target (from last year, similar looks here and here) // Turtleneck: Target (similar here) // Shoes: Target (I'm sensing a trend? Similar here) // Necklace: J. Crew (similar here)

I've been taking somewhat regular photos this last month and a half, but of course finding the time to post and write about them has been a challenge haha.

These pics were taken shortly after Thanksgiving, which I thought I'd talk to you all about! It was difficult this year because we made the decision that Chris and Henrik should go to his family's Thanksgiving gathering and I should stay home per my doctor's orders. I wanted to make sure they got to see Chris's family since who knows when we will make it out West again with two kids, but it was so hard to not go with them.

I was very stressed and anxious in the weeks leading up to their trip, not because I worried about Chris's ability to handle Henrik, but because I just wanted to make sure they both had absolutely everything they needed and that all the logistics of traveling with a toddler were figured out. I knew I wouldn't be able to help in the moment, so I wanted to do everything I could to prepare them before their departure. In the end, the flights went great and Henrik handled everything like a champ (as did Chris).

Of course, I missed my boys terribly and begged for videos/pics/FaceTime calls constantly, BUT I WAS SO PRODUCTIVE. I cleaned out Henrik's entire room and reorganized it, sorted through items that the new baby would need, and got several other projects completed. It was also nice because we had my grandma and aunt in town for Thanksgiving so I got to spend time with them as well. All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving break. But I was more than happy to be reunited with Henrik and Chris the moment they got off the plane :)

Henrik was eager to tell me all about his adventures with Grandpa Stoker and his golf cart. He had a fantastic time there, which made me really happy. I had also turned our house into a Winter Wonderland while they were away so when Henrik walked through the door he said "Woooow!" numerous times (one of my favorite words of his). His reactions to all things Christmas have been pretty priceless.

Waiting: For Henrik to fall asleep. Chris is getting over a nasty cold so I'm on Henrik duty while he rests.
Hoping: Contractions will pick back up?? I feel like I'm not making any progress in that department.
Planning: To eat a few peanut butter cups in a few minutes.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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