Sunday, March 15, 2020

Studio Photos with Pearl Photo & Design

I always know that whenever Vanessa shoots photos of our family, that they will turn out incredible. This fun studio session we did at her house was no different! I wanted to write about our experience in case any of you are looking for a photographer in the area and are wondering what it's like to work with Vanessa at Pearl Photo & Design (spoiler alert: you'll love it). Be sure to check out info on her Mother's Day event here!

Vanessa's indoor studio that we shot at is a room adjacent to her family room. This immediately was less intimidating for the kids since it felt like they were just playing in a friend's house rather than in a studio inside of a building. Henrik could go in and out of the studio room as he pleased and play with toys in her family room and basement then come back in and join us when he felt up for it.

At first I was nervous since Henrik definitely has his own opinions on when he wants to do something (and when he REALLY doesn't want to do something), but Vanessa is so great at interacting with kids (she has three of her own!) and helping them feel comfortable so their personalities can shine. She went down into her basement to set up a show for her kids and instructed Henrik to hide and surprise her when she came back up. Henrik opted to hide under a white fuzzy blanket in the studio so when she came into the room and he was still hiding, she was able to get her camera all ready to go. Then she snapped a bunch of pics as Henrik jumped out and surprised her. Little games like that were a great way to get Henrik to interact with her and be animated. She would suggest he give Piper a hug (which he would do) or hide behind one of her curtains and pop out. Then when he was not as compliant, she never pushed him. We followed his lead and worked with what he was willing to go and got some great shots out of it.

Piper was feeling a bit clingy (also not surprising) and wanted to stay with me for the most part, but Vanessa had lots of good ideas for different poses we could do so Piper was comfortable. We got a few pictures of Piper by herself too before she decided to crawl back over to me. I couldn't believe we got as many as we did with her smiling and being herself!

Vanessa is so great at interacting with kids, finding ways to help them have fun while taking photos, and making them laugh. She also really values having parents in photos with their kids (moms in particular since we're generally the one taking photos on our phones at home!) so she made sure I was in plenty of pictures too. This is what makes her Mother's Day event so successful!

She is energetic and knows how to make everyone she photographs feel comfortable and at ease. PLUS she is just so talented haha. We always love how our photos turn out and wish we had more wall space to hang all the prints on.

It's so important to me to capture moments with my kids since life tends to move too quickly most days and I love that these photos so accurately represent my kids' mannerisms, personalities, and our eternal bond. She'll be doing family photos of us in a few weeks outdoors and I can't wait to share those photos with all of you too!

If you are looking for a photographer (particularly if you have kids!) definitely look into booking a session with Vanessa at Pearl Photo & Design! I promise you will love how they turn out. She has a Mother's Day event coming up that I HIGHLY recommend signing up for! Learn more about that here, see more of her work on her Instagram page here, and follow her on Facebook here!

And now, for the photos! I am in love with all of them. Thank you, Vanessa!

Piper always sticks her little tongue out like this and it KILLS me. So glad we caught it on camera!

Popping out from the curtains

Crawling away haha

This blog post was sponsored by Pearl Photo & Design. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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