Friday, August 29, 2014

Maternity Dress

Dress: Target (similar, above version available in stores) // Necklace: Purple Peridot // Shoes: Target (similar)

Let me say first and foremost, that I am NOT pregnant. If I am, it's news to me. Normally, I would never consider buying something from the maternity section. It just seems like a taboo of some kind to me? Even though there really is no written rule saying that you shouldn't...So I did. And let me tell you ladies, WE HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT. These things are so dang comfy. And they hide the food baby that I'm often sporting, which is a major bonus. I look forward to wearing it both now, and in the future when hopefully I have a baby bump to dress :) But for now, it'll just hide my taco-intake.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.
Listening To: Bingley play the piano. He's fascinated by it and loves to make the keys play. It's hilarious.
Starting: A no-shop month. I'm serious about it this time. You guys need to hold me accountable.
Happy That: It's a 3-day weekend!
Days Until Christmas: 117


  1. LOL! Half the time maternity options are so expensive! The fit is amazing on you though!

  2. Love this dress! Kisses


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