Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Style

Apparently metallic was the official look of the night, which I absolutely love. But there were some other standouts too. Read on to see some of my favorites, and the ones I could have done without.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a better view of Katy Perry's dress, but I love love love how she so effortlessly wears this beautiful gown with a touch of whimsy that is oh-so-appropo. Pretty sure I need to have one of my own. 
Ok. You can't really see it, but Ciara is sporting a super cute baby bump in this dress. All of these adorable baby bumps styled in these gorgeous, form-fitting dresses almost makes me want to have a bump of my own. Almost. But seriously though, Ciara rocked it. I love the print and color of this gown. 

Major props to Ariana for wearing something gorgeous, yet age appropriate. Shoes look great with the fun print and I love the silhouette on her. With that being said, I'm tired of seeing her rock this hairstyle. I actually don't think I've ever seen her wear her hair any other way...or smile with her mouth open. 

P!nk is simply stunning in this red gown. I love the details on the torso and she styled it just right with simple hair and makeup. 

I'm pretty sure that Taylor is actually a gazelle moonlighting as a singer. I mean her legs go own for about a million miles. I love the slightly metallic pink lip with this GORGEOUS dress. I think I need to add this one to my wardrobe too. Love you, T-Swizzle. 

Oh my goodness, even more gorgeous metallic dresses! Have I convinced you guys yet to invest in some metallic pieces for this upcoming year? Because I think we all need to. This trend is clearly on fire and shows no signs of dying down. Also, I'm obsessed with this silhouette.

Why on earth is Paris Hilton at the Grammy's (wearing that atrocious dress, no less)? Why is she even still a thing these days? "Stars Are Blind" is 1. like 8 years old and 2. bad. I'm so confused.

What were your favorite looks from last night? 

Unhappy About: The fact that it's -5 degrees outside right now and it's only supposed to get colder. Like -40 degrees colder. 
Happy That: Britney Spears just popped up on my Pandora station.
Planning On: Running after class today. Indoors. Duh.
Need Some: Awesome running music. Recommendations welcome.
Excited To: Eat a delicious dinner this evening.
Days Until Christmas: 331


  1. Let's just go get frozen yogurt and dish on the rest of the dresses please.


    1. Hahah if the weather ever warms up and I find myself in Bloomington, I'm down!


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