Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's New In My Life

First and most obviously, what's newest in my life is this AMAZING blog design!! My incredibly talented friend Jessica created all of this and I love love love it. I showed her just a few images of elements for my blog that I had designed on my own and she filled in the blanks perfectly. If you guys ever need computer coding/graphic design help, she is your girl. You can check out her own awesome blog here, which I highly suggest you do because she has just about the cutest baby girl you will ever see.

Here's what else is going on with me:

Putting on my face...


I have somewhat sensitive skin and I have found through the years that Neutrogena tends to not irritate my face as much as other products. I've started using more of their stuff recently mainly because I'm convinced now that I'm 20, I need to start preventing wrinkles. Somewhat irrational? Yes. Can it hurt, though? Nope. The face wash does indeed smell like grapefruit which is pleasant & the daily face moisturizer has SPF which everyone could use more of. But my favorite has to be the deep moisture night cream. I don't know what it's in there, but it smells & feels like heaven. It makes me even more excited to go to bed than before. It also claims to make your skin "noticeably more radiant" in just a few weeks time.

Is the radiance coming through yet? #nomakeupselfie 

Puzzled by...

So this deodorant is great and it comes in my favorite lavender scent now which is exciting. It claims to offer 48 hour protection which really puzzled me because I was like, "Who doesn't shower for 48 hours?" then I had knee surgery and was forbidden from showering for 2.5 days. Well played, Secret.

Just bought...

A dry brush. I keep hearing people raving about it and I wanted to feel included. But I'm not sure how to use it. Any instruction would be most appreciated.

Thinking about purchasing...

This super cute military vest from Nordstrom. I keep stalking it to see if it will go on sale...

J. Crew Factory blouse. Can you tell I'm excited for spring?

Almost bought this online the other day (also from J.Crew Factory) but my mom said she might be going to a J.Crew Factory this weekend and she'd look to see if they had it so I didn't have to pay shipping. If that's not love, then I don't know what is.

Glitter. Gold. Must. Have.

Excited for...

Husband does my makeup. Tomorrow night. It's going down. Pictures to follow.

Been listening to...

"XO" by none other than the queen herself. It's awesome.

Should probably be...

Sleeping. I have a doctor's appointment at 7 am...ehck. 


If you don't know what I've been watching by now, we probably shouldn't be friends.


So far, I like it. It's a lot like every other post-apocalyptic trilogy I've read, but I'm willing to give it a shot since a gazillion people told me to read it. It takes place in Chicago which is fun. We'll see.

Hungry for...

Ice cream. What else is new. 

And finally, since I know all of you have been DYING to know, here's the update on my knee.

The coolest/most disgusting part about my knee is the impressive bruising I have. It would be very difficult to explain this without pictures. so I'm posting three for your convenience :) You're welcome.

So probably no one else will think this is as interesting as I do. In fact, you'll probably be grossed out by it. But it's my blog & there we are. So those little tiny bruises represent the stitches made in my tendon under the skin. Isn't that cool??? 

My two little incisions. 

Guess which one was operated on. 

So overall, it's starting to improve. Ish. I only walk with a slight limp and have only almost slipped on ice 7 times in the past 4 days. I'm still having issues bending it, though which is rather inconvenient when I'm,

1. Getting in/out cars
2. Going up/down stairs
3. Sitting down
4. Getting in/out of my shower
5. Putting on pants

I have discovered, however, that I'm quite good at keeping my leg completely straight while doing these things. Who knew I was so talented.

Have a happy weekend everyone, enjoy being able to bend your legs. 

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