Monday, April 21, 2014

Bike Riding & French Style

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend full of warmth, sunshine, and chocolate bunnies. Before I share some with you guys one of my favorite new trends, I'll tell you a bit about my biking adventure in Indy on Friday. You'll hear more about our Easter tomorrow :)

So Friday. Husband had it off which was great and I only had class until 1:30 so we peaced out as early as we could and hopped in our car to head down to Indy for the rest of the day.

Husband looooooves to ride bikes. Legitimately it is one of his absolute favorite things. We've gone on a few bike rides together (and by a few I mean two. On a tandem bike.). So when he suggested we go biking down a trail together in Indy for part of the afternoon, I happily agreed to go since he's always doing things I like to do.

Pre-bike ride selfie. Blissfully unaware of what's to come. Sadly there was no post-ride pic. That's how bad it went.

Husband has two bikes but unfortunately they are both fancy bikes. You know the kind, the handlebars turn downwards, you have to hunch over to steer them, and, as I discovered on Friday, they are EXTREMELY difficult to get on and off of. This kind of bike is more my speed:

I struggled for a solid 20 minutes in the parking lot to try and get on the stupid contraption. I honestly looked like I had never ridden a bike before (which is false). Once I finally got on, I had major issues steering smoothly/not running into things. Much to my disadvantage, the weather was beautiful so there were about 9843752983 people on the trail that I had to dodge. I think the low point was when I was peddling uphill slowly so I wouldn't bump into anything and a jogger passed me.

Unfortunately, the bike proved to be extraordinarily uncomfortable for me and I only lasted about a half an hour. I felt really bad that I was such a failure but I promised him that I would go again if I could ride a normal bike where you can sit upright. And if I could wear padded shorts (yup my crotch is still sore). Or if we could go in one of these things.

With me in the trailer, obvi.

In other news, French graphics are HUUUUUGE right now in fashion. This caught my attention first at J. Crew where they have tons of tees with French words on them (which I love) and then again when I was at H&M on Saturday where they had several adorable sweatshirts with French text on them too. One of which I bought. Here are some other adorable French-inspired tops I've discovered.
french spring style

These graphic tees are super versatile, which is why I love them so much, as well as the fact that they have an air of romance about them. They can be worn with just jeans, chinos, or colored pants or they can be dressed up with a maxi or something flirty like a floral A-line skirt. Bonus points? You'll look super cultured for wearing something with a foreign language on it. 

Will you be sporting the French style this Spring, or will it be a "non merci" for you?

Excited That: I'M GOING TO UTAH THIS WEEK! Oh how I've missed it.
Not Excited That: Our tire got slashed the other night #ghettoliving 
Weather Is: Absolutely GORGEOUS! 75 degrees and sunny. Just how I like it.
Can't Wait To: Meet my photographer/friend's new baby!! He is just adorable and I am stoked to hold him when they get home. 
Should Be: Going over my lines for my scene presentation this afternoon. 
Listening To: "Not Going Home" by Great Good Fine OK. I can't decide if I like it or not.
Days Until Christmas: 247


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I want pics of you riding in that trailer. Make it happen.

    1. I will do my best to ensure that there is documentation haha I have to get Christoph on board first though...

    2. P.S. what happened to your blog??? I loved that thing.


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