Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Chambray Dress

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Chambray Dress: Old Navy // Sweater: H&M (ooooold. It needs replacing) // Shoes: Lulu's

You guys. I have been searching for the perfect chambray dress since I was in the 7th grade. THAT IS EIGHT SOLID YEARS, MY FRIENDS. And frankly, far too long. Suffice it to say, I am quite pleased to have found this one. From Old Navy of all places! And the best part is that since I ordered it online, I got to order a tall size which makes a world of difference, trust me. I have to ask you all to please excuse the crumple dress though, we took these photos about ten minutes after arriving home from our weekend trip to Bloomington. Which was marvelous, by the way. Why did we go to Bloomington? You might ask. Let me tell you.

Ever since we got married Ever since Husband & I started dating, he has taken to wearing some of my old high school basketball apparel. It started out as no big deal. He would be hanging out at my house and would ask for something more comfortable to wear so we could go out and do something active and outdoors together. So I would go up to my closet and grab the biggest pair of shorts I could find and an old t-shirt, neither of which ever fit me to begin with, and he would happily wear them the rest of the day. Or he would be over at my place and complain of a shiver so I would grab him the biggest sweatshirt I owned and let him wear it. The problem was that I never got any of these pieces back. Then when we got married, I discovered that he would wear them ALL THE TIME. To the gym, to bed, to clean, etc. etc. Not only do these clothes only sort of fit him, but they say RED DEVILS GIRLS BASKETBALL all over them, have my name on the back, and/or say things like "PLAY HARD" across the rear. Super classy.

So one day I asked him if for his birthday, he would like his OWN pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt. To which he said yes. "Great!" I said. "Let's look online for some IU ones (his alma mater) and I'll order them for you."

"Oh no." He replied. "I have to see them in person, try them on, feel the fabric, etc."

I shouldn't have been surprised by this. I have never met a man more picky about his clothes than my husband. One of the great sadnesses of my life is that he never lets me pick out clothes for him to wear. This is a great tragedy considering how great of a shopper/stylist I am. But I have chosen to just accept it.

So we decided the best thing to do would be to go down to Bloomington for a weekend so he could pick out EXACTLY what he wanted. And that's just what we did. It was quite a success, I'd say. He found some great pieces that he'll be able to wear for a long time. Maybe I'll even get his name put on them ;)

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Recovering From: Wisdom tooth removal. It went really well, but I miss eating real food. And it's only been 24 hours. Currently I'm trying to spoon-feed myself a smoothie since straws are forbidden for another 48 hours. I don't know how you people get 4 taken out at once, 1 is bad enough.
Excited To: Go to a Yo-Yo Ma concert tonight! Assuming I'm feeling up to it. But even if I'm not, I'm forcing myself to go because IT'S YO-YO MA. And I love him so.
Not Excited To: Spend my afternoon studying bugs.
Days Until Christmas: 71


  1. wait, you were in 7th grade 8 years ago? ;)

    1. Hahaha I try not to mention those stats around Chris :)

  2. First off, love the outfit.
    Secondly, bahahahahaha Oh Stoker. (Man Stoker, not you Stoker, of course.)

    1. Hahha thank you. And I'm glad you appreciate my story :) He's a special boy.


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