Monday, December 29, 2014

Fancy Party Dress

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Dress: Aidan Mattox (Nordstrom) // Bracelet: Pink Blush (c/o) // Shoes: Target

So back in my day (high school) I was nominated for Homecoming Court. This OBVIOUSLY meant I needed a fabulous new dress. I found this one and fell in love. It was on the expensive side, so I have tried to wear it at any opportunity since then. So far, I've worn it for Homecoming, a singing performance, my bachelorette party, and (most recently) my company Christmas party last week. I probably only need to wear it 2-3 more times to get my money's worth ;)

I love any excuse to get dressed up so I was ridiculously excited when it was announced that the company party would not only be cocktail attire, but at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. AND that there would be a scavenger hunt (which I won). It was a fabulous night with my family. It was especially fun to be at the IMA since that was where Husband proposed to me. And obviously I loved getting to wear this dress again. Why can't we have parties all the time?

Here's a grainy cell phone pic of my studman Husband & myself at the party.

If your life is much more exciting than mine (which it probably is) and you're going to a swanky NYE party (which I am not), any of the dresses I've linked above would be perf for such an occasion. Enjoy!

Loving: Winter Break. Oh my gosh.
Had: A great Christmas with my family! It's been so great to spend some time together.
Got: Lots of great presents, that you guys will most definitely be seeing in the near future :)
Been Listening To: Serial podcast. I am majorly hooked.
Can Hardly Wait For: Disney World!!!
Days Until Christmas: 361


  1. Serial was so interesting. Very thought provoking.

  2. You look adorable in this sequin dress, and I love the pairing with the leopard shoes for an added pop of interest!

    A Lovely Lifestyle


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