Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Recap & Recent Purchases

So Cheesecake Factory doesn't take reservations. Which we knew going into our Valentine's date but we figured if we got to the restaurant early enough, we'd maybe only have to wait an hour for a table. False. We waited 3. But it was worth it. Plus we had time to run all of our errands before we had our dinner, which was nice. The Container Store was as wonderful as we had hoped. Husband had never been there before and I think he really liked it. We got to peruse pretty much all of Keystone Mall (which I obviously loved) and then about an hour before we got seated, I realized I was about to die of hunger. So I ran to the Mrs. Field's store and bought 2 little cookies called "nibblers". The goal was to finish them before Husband finished at Brooks Brothers but unfortunately I was caught. I have no regrets. Like I said, the wait was worth it. I got to eat my favorite sweet corn tamales and Husband got the giant burrito. Then we took two pieces of cheesecake that we've been enjoying for the past few days (Oreo and Godiva chocolate, in case you were wondering which flavors are our favorite).

Below are some of my recent purchases (& a few wants) including (finally) my new favorite pink tote bag! I've gotten many inquiries about it so I'm happy to report that you can now purchase it in stores and online. I highly recommend all of these items so feel free to treat yourself :)

Happy That: I have no classes today!
And That: My 10+ page research paper is turned in!
Watching: Gilmore Girls.
Bingley Is: Asleep in my laundry basket. Ugh. Every time.
Might Take: A nap. Because I can.
Days Until Christmas: 312


  1. I love the container store! It's one of my favorite places. I remember some very fun container store trips with my mom as a kid.

  2. Where in the "Indy" area are you? I love finding out that people's blogs I look at live in the same area!


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