Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zara Maxi

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Dress: Zara (direct link here) // Sandals: Forever 21 // Purse: Target

I've been a big fan of Zara's clothes for a long time now (especially once Kate Middleton started wearing their dresses) but I was afraid to order things online and I rarely make it up to Chicago (our nearest store). A few weeks ago while Husband was at a conference in Chicago, I decided to come along and do some shopping/museum-ing. While perusing Zara, I fell in love with this maxi. Then I saw that it was $22 and I fell even MORE in love with it. Plus I think I'm incapable of saying "no" to a striped dress so I got it. It's super comfy and I've worn it like 3 times since buying it. And good news! It comes in other colors :) See link above.

Happy almost weekend, everyone! Thank you for stopping by!

Had: A WONDERFUL birthday yesterday! Blogpost all about it is forthcoming.
And Had: An INCREDIBLE time in NYC this past weekend! Blogpost all about that is forthcoming too :)
Sitting In: A pile of laundry that I need to fold. Being an adult is hard.
Excited For: Our anniversary this weekend!
Days Until Christmas: 211

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  1. Your dress is beautiful, and for only $22 such a steal!!


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