Saturday, September 17, 2016


You know what I love? Packages. It is aaaalways a good day when I come home from work to see a box or two (or five) on my doorstep. Most of the time, the boxes contain goodies for me because #onlineshoppingaddict, but occasionally it'll be something boring that my husband ordered (like a bike part or soap). However, this past week brought LOTS of good stuff including this box from GlobeIn!

GlobeIn is an artisanal subscription service that sends you different themed boxes every month. The lifestyle products inside are made by remote artisans all over the world so with each box or individual purchase, you're helping support a global community of artisans in need. If you're interested in learning more, click here. And if you want to sign up and receive $10 off 3-month and 6-month subscriptions, click here and use code ANNIE at checkout. You can also buy individual items that may interest you from their shop without signing up for a subscription! Do that here (there's LOTS of good stuff). Any of their boxes or products would make great gifts for family/friends or yourself haha.

This particular box that I got is their Threads box and it came with a t-shirt, woven basket (that will look great in our nursery!), an awesome clutch, keychain, and scarf. I'm also very much wanting to try their World Kitchen Box,  Savour Box, and Pamper Box. I was really impressed with the quality of all the products in the basket I received. You can tell that everything is made with quality materials and an enormous attention to detail. I like supporting businesses that help real, individual people who may not otherwise be able to sustain their businesses. And of course, it's fun to have things in your home from around the world that tell a story.

About: To eat some muffins! I love muffins on a Saturday morning.
Wishing: My lost denim jacket would magically turn up.
Watching: Gilmore Girls. As always.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 99! Holy moly less than a hundred!

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