Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Registry Wish List

With just over two months until my due date, I figured it's probably time to start putting together my registry. It's a pretty daunting task, considering the fact that I have NO clue what is useful, what isn't, how many of things I need, etc. etc. Thankfully, I've had lots of friends chip in and give me advice. I met up with my good friend Madeline over at CaseyLand yesterday and she had some great tips on things to include. I'm feeling a little better about compiling it now!

My registry still needs a lot of work, but I have partnered up with Baby Cubby to feature some items I'm definitely planning on including. I could always use some more advice so if there are things I'm missing or for sure need, please please please comment below! You'll be my best friend forever.

I will likely end up registering at Amazon and Target as well, but what I like about Baby Cubby is that they only feature items that they have tried and tested themselves and believe are of high quality. Anything I get from there I know will be good and very safe. The other great thing about Baby Cubby is that they also include more boutique-type items that big stores don't carry, which I LOVE. They price-match, test all the products independently, and offer free shipping for orders over $49.

To me, their site isn't just for me to go buy things from, but rather a resource as well where I can learn about different products and motherhood in general. Their community blog has been really helpful for me because I can read what other mothers and moms-to-be are experiencing and learn how we can support each other. It's wonderful.

So without further adieu, here are ten items I definitely want to put on my registry (or may even already have...):

1. Owlet Care: This is one of those products that I heard about loooong before I was pregnant but immediately knew it would be something I'd want for my baby. It's a monitor they wear on their foot while sleeping and if their heart rate drops or oxygen gets too low, it will alert your phone so you can go check on your baby. This is going to be especially important for us because our room is too small to have the baby there with us. It will allow us to sleep worry-free because we know we'll be alerted if something isn't right with the baby. We are getting ours in December and I'll be doing a full blog feature on it early next year.

2. DockATot: This is another item that I've only heard good things about from moms and doctors! It's super versatile and very portable.

3. 4Moms MamaRoo: After having several friends raaaaave about it, I'm pretty convinced I want one. My mom and I played with it in a baby store the other day for a solid ten minutes because we were so mesmerized by it. It will be a great place to keep the baby in while he's sleeping and I'm doing stuff around the house. Or napping.

4. Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier: My friend Madeline, who I mentioned earlier, told me she uses this when they travel and it's incredibly handy. Security doesn't even make you take it off at the airport! We have several trips planned for next year with baby so anything that makes airports easier is a must on my list.

5. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller: You guys. This is the stroller of my dreams. It's so streamlined and easy to maneuver. Plus it will convert to hold up to three kids! We are planning on having more than one so it will be nice to only have to purchase one stroller that will grow with us. We are getting ours in the next few weeks and I will likewise be doing a full blog feature/review of it early next year.

6.  Bumbo Floor Seat: I just think babies are SO cute when they sit in these! And they're very practical for when they haven't learned to sit up on their own yet.

7. National Parks Book: Our nursery is inspired by the great outdoors (we'll do a full tour once it's done!) so this book will fit right in. We are trying to minimize the number of baby toys we will have and focusing rather on books. You can never have too many of them!

8.  Gathre Leather Mat: We just got one of these and I'm already in love. Food wipes off super easily and all you have to do to disinfect the mat is lay it out in the sun for a while. This will be great for picnics and emergency diaper changes as well as many other things.

9. Tubby Todd Products: All natural and supposedly super nice smelling. Might just use some of these for myself...My skin was super sensitive as a kid so I want to make sure I only put mild and natural products on my baby too, just in case.

10. NoseFrida: Looks disgusting but I've heard it works better than anything else out there for congested babies!

So what do you say, moms? Are these products helpful? What am I missing? Sound off below!

Watching: Baseball with the hubs.
Ate: One pot pasta for dinner (this is our favorite pasta recipe!)
Happy: It's almost the weekend!
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 73!!

This post brought to you by my friends at Baby Cubby, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Baby toys are very important in developing motor control, spacial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and many other skills neccessary for math, sports, reading, and many other brain related activities, so don't skimp on the rattles, mirrors and annoying noisemakers.
    You should read aloud to your baby every day. Don't worry that he can't understand what you are reading, It doesn't matter what you read. You could even read the daily newspspaper! It's the rhythm of the language and the positive feeling you project that will build a life-long love of books.

    1. Oh yeah we're definitely planning on having some toys, don't get me wrong! We've just done a lot of research on the importance of letting kids be creative and entertaining themselves and one of the best ways to do that is to not overstimulate them with too many toys. But yes reading is super important to us too! We will definitely make sure we do that. Thank you! And thank you again for the quilt and hat! They arrived today and we love them :)

  2. I loved my Boba wrap over a strapped carrier. Figuring out the ties took a few YouTube lessons, but after a few tries I had it down. It was the one I could use without having my shoulders or back hurt! My friend uses a Nest Cam for a baby monitor. Love that idea too!

    1. I'll have to try the Boba one! It's just so hard to know what will fit/feel best. And the Nest Cam looks amazing! I'll definitely add that to the list. Thank you, Kim!

  3. I absolutely love my itzbeen timer, it counts up, so it keeps track of how long it has been since...last diaper change, feeding and how long they have been asleep or awake, and it even has a miscellaneous button to keep track. It is so helpful when you feel overwhelmed those first few weeks.

    1. That's genius! I've never even heard of that! I'm definitely going to have to get one. Thank you so much!


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