Monday, April 10, 2017

Leopard Dress

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Dress: Asos (On sale!! Get it here. Runs quite small, def size up 1 or 2 sizes) // Necklace: J. Crew Factory (get it here) // Purse: Kohl's (similar here) // Shoes: Target (similar here)

This dress was one of the first form-fitting pieces of clothing I have bought post-baby. I was quite scared when I ordered it because I didn't know if I'd like how it would fit (shapewear is your friend after baby), but after playing around with a few different sizes (it definitely runs small), I love it! Leopard print anything is irresistible to me so I'm really happy that it fits me well and I feel good in it. 

I was pretty lucky that my stomach never got terribly huge during pregnancy so losing pregnancy weight hasn't been too difficult. I've returned to my normal exercise routine and that seems to have helped most of it come off the last few months. I still have a few pounds to go, but if my body stayed how it is now, I'd be ok with that. It's definitely different and takes some getting used to though. My old clothes all fit again, just some of them fit a little differently (?) if that makes sense. I've enjoyed being able to wear my whole wardrobe again, it's helped me feel more like myself. 

There is soooooo much talk and pressure on women regarding their postpartum bodies and I can definitely understand why, but I have been trying to focus on how incredible our bodies are in general (sometimes easier said than done). I keep thinking about how amazing it is that our bodies can go through pregnancy and childbirth and still return to (mostly) their original state. It's truly miraculous what our bodies are capable of! And I feel so blessed to have experienced it. 

My advice to any woman after she gives birth is to get back to some form of physical activity as soon as you can do so safely and healthily. 3 days after getting back from the hospital, I started walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day. It probably didn't do much by way of helping me lose weight, but it did wonders for my mental/emotional health. I tried to focus on just feeling good rather than worrying about looking good. Even just doing that mild form of exercise helped me clear my head and boosted my self-confidence as I began my transition into motherhood. And to this day, it continues to help me. I'm a big believer in taking care of yourself first so that you can be the best mother to your baby as you can and going to the gym everyday has really helped me achieve that.

If you have any questions about exercise and health during and post-pregnancy, please feel free to reach out! I'd love to share more details of my experience with anyone that it could help. 

Finally: Got Henrik to sleep yaaaaay.
Wishing: There were just a few more hours in the day! It's hard to get much done haha. 
Just: Ate two chocolate Lindor balls. Sometimes (most of the time) I eat my feelings.
Days Until Christmas: 259!

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