Friday, May 5, 2017

Erin Condren LifePlanner

As a newly minted (mostly) stay-at-home-mom, you would think my life would be simpler in some ways than it was a few months ago. At least, I expected it to. I figured I'd just be home most days doing stuff around the house, taking care of Henrik, going to the gym, running by the grocery store, and that would be about it.

But of course, this has not been the case.

There is SO much to keep track of! Henrik's doctor's appointments, my doctor's appointments (I've had many with my recent health issues), meal planning, church assignments, blogging obligations, trips, family weddings, etc. etc.

My LifePlanner has been a serious life-saver for me. I thought my "pregnancy brain" would go away post-baby but it appears that "mom brain" is also a real thing and I find myself being quite forgetful these days too. Writing everything down in my planner has made a huge difference. It helps me keep track of when appointments are, dates that things are due, what's for dinner, and so much more.
I can write out what chores I need to do around the house each day so I don't feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I think I need to just do it all in one day but of course, that is not realistic. Picking one or two tasks (clean the bathroom, sweep the floors) to do a day is much more manageable and has helped me from getting too stressed or having expectations for myself that I simply cannot achieve.

These LifePlanners from Erin Condren are seriously SO great! You can customize them so they are the exact layout you want (I am super picky about this) plus they are gorgeous! You can even get them personalized (like I did). I also got some corresponding stationery and return address labels. I'm in love. I really might order some more matching items from their website. The quality is very high and you can tell that their whole company is very detail-oriented. Nothing has been overlooked in their planners. It's really helped me stay organized and because my planner is so pretty, I get excited to use it! Who wouldn't be excited to use items that are as beautiful as these? I feel so creative when I use them and like each day is a party or celebration of sorts. It's so fun!!

If you're interested in buying a planner or any other organizational item, be sure to check out Erin Condren's website here! They have some great deals going on and you can pick up some wonderful organizational tools that fit you and your lifestyle.

This post was sponsored by Erin Condren. All opinions are my own.


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