Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Apartment

Sometimes I fancy myself an interior decorator. I am convinced that with an endless amount of money, I could create the coolest apartments ever. The closest thing I ever had to this was my meal plan card as a freshman in college. The meal plan gave me about $17 a day to spend on my meals/snacks but for the most part, I would only spend about $10-$12 thus giving me a surplus at the end of each semester. The money would not carry over so I literally had no choice but to spend it. It was a great problem to have. Thankfully, the meal plan worked at a cute store called Campus Floral that sold, in addition to flowers, clothing, accessories, and home decorations. Seeing as I was getting married at the end of the school year, I took it upon myself to buy things to furnish our new apartment. Most of which can be seen below in the following photos of our living room. Husband and I will only be living in this apartment for the next 6 months at most so you can look forward to seeing photos in the future of the home that we are moving into as I decorate and design that :)


Clock courtesy of Campus Floral.

Husband gave me the Willow Tree statue for Christmas and I gave him the LOVE statue right before we got married (he proposed in front of the original statue).

Flowers courtesy of one of my best friends. 

Magazine holder courtesy of T.J. Maxx

Placemats courtesy of me and my sewing machine. 

The first picture is of a bedazzled pumpkin courtesy of Hobby Lobby. The second picture is of an autumn foliage Christmas tree. In case you didn't know. 

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