Thursday, February 20, 2014

As Per Request, The Asos Dress

I got several requests to see this dress in full on the blog, so I figured I should oblige.

This dress came from Asos and I like it about 80%. It doesn't have much give so it's tricky to get on and off/prevent it from hiking up and bunching. I do like how long it is though, especially for a leggy girl like myself. They don't offer it right now, but I'm sure they will again later in the year. Definitely order a size up if you decide to get it.

Kudos to Pearl Photo Design for the beautiful photos!

What are your plans for this wonderful, almost spring weekend?

Glad That: My paper is completed!
Stressed About: My French exam that I didn't reeeeaally study for.
Toying With: The idea of getting an MBA at Purdue or IU.
Excited To: Go out to dinner with friends and visit Chicago with my boo.
Just Ate: Ice cream with melted Nutella.
Days Until Christmas: 306

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