Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Behold. J.Crew's Fall/Winter Line

Since J. Crew is one of the few collections presented at NYFW that I actually wear in real life, I get REALLY excited when their new lines are unveiled. Like really excited. Like I-write-a-whole-blog-post-about-it excited. I think my dream would be to use my degree to become the art director for J. Crew and focus on visual communications (i.e. do layouts for catalogs, their website, ads, etc.) and then maybe design an outfit or two...a girl can dream. I would also settle for modeling for them. And swiping the clothes I wear in my purse. But I like french fries too much to be that waif-like.

A true work of art. 

Gold glitter pants? Um yes please. I love the wide-leg look and how they paired it with the blue scarf and jacket. You can't go wrong with navy & gold. 

Clearly, scarves are going to be another big thing this fall and I am in complete support of this. I'm also happy to see that pretty drapey pants will be making a reappearance from this spring/summer. I'm seeing these all over the place: Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc. I really might need to get these pretty pink ones. 

So I'll be honest, these pants look like silk pajama bottoms. But I loooove the sweatshirt! The metallic detail is great. 

I really hope they modify the fit of the dress a bit before they put it in stores. I love the dress in theory, but as it is, I don't think it's super wearable for the everyday girl. I would raise the hem a bit and shorten the sleeves slightly.  The clutch/pouch is also fabulous. Target has a whole line of purses and pouches in those very colors! Snag one or two and you'll be way ahead of the game for fall.

The print of this dress is sooo gorgeous and I really want those shoes. Double ankle strap?? Why has no one thought of this before??? I ask you.

Funky sweater paired with classy floral skirt? I can dig that. Although I will say the skirt is by far my favorite part of this outfit. The pleats are so classy and it will look great dressed up with a silk blouse or down with a tee. 

Really liking these shorts. Nice enough to wear to work and still comfy. I'll probably need a pair or two. 

More drapey pants in a fun, watercolor floral print. And look the shoes match too! Also I love a billowy scarf. And this red one fits the bill. 

I really like this shade of orange, it's so rich and pumpkin-y. And those heels are rockin' too. Love how many pointed toe shoes they've featured. 

I considered featuring some of Kate Spade's new stuff, but both collections are just too good to be combined into one post. Maybe I'll do a separate one for the Spade later. But for now, I'll just keep drooling over these looks.

What were your favorite looks from NYFW? 

Excited That: I get to make Valentines and watch Gilmore Girls with my friend tonight!
Planning to Cook: A Spaghetti Mexican Taco-Bowl for dinner.
Hoping That: The rumors I've heard about next Monday getting up to 40 degrees are true! 
Knee Makes: Weird grinding and squeaking sounds...
Days Until Christmas: 315

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  1. Loved reading your thoughts on these looks! As much as I'm ready for winter to be over with, I love fall so much! Can I just skip straight to fall?


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