Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fun

Happy Friday everyone! What a happy day it is, not only is it nearly the weekend, but Kate Spade is offering 25% off EVERYTHING! This is a glorious day. I may end up ordering the "Mrs" necklace that I've been eyeing pretty much forever. Or maybe I'll exhibit self-control for once?


Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating enough for me to go out and take pics of my outfits, so instead you get some outfit-selfies I took this week for Instagram. Not ideal, but desperate weather calls for desperate measures.

I looooove popovers! At first I didn't really understand them because I wondered what the point of having a shirt that only partially buttoned was. But I have seen the light now and have changed my mind. Old Navy has several of these in various colors and for a decent price. Plus the pastel colors and stripes are perfect for Spring. 

I love these wedge suede booties I got from Target last year. They're surprisingly comfortable and I love pairing them with distressed jeans and big sweaters. 

Ok so this is not the best picture, I'll admit. But this dress from H&M (only $10!) is super cute and ultra comfy. I paired it with a longer navy dress underneath to give it a color block appearance. It was still a bit chilly out too so I layered my favorite giant sweater over it to keep warm. 

Yesterday was like a freaking maelstrom so the Hunter boots had to be broken out once again. I took this pic after my pants dried, which took like an hour. 

I went to Target for some Drain-O and came out with this. These adorable button-ups are on sale for $15 (!!!) and the striped tee was only $9. The chocolate covered Goji berries were also a necessity because I had never tried them before and I love all things Brookside. And makeup is makeup is makeup is vital. 

Have you had any impulse purchases lately? 

Excited For: A charity dinner Husband & I are going to tonight! I get to make myself semi-fancy, which is exciting. 
Hoping To: Be productive this weekend and finish that stupid rhetorical analysis essay.
Working On: All of my surprises for Husband & I's anniversary. I'm just a wee bit excited. 
Random Fact About Me: My eyes turn neon-green when I cry. 
Days Until Christmas: 264

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