Monday, May 12, 2014

Met Gala Faves

It's been more than a week since my last blog post, oh my goodness! Last week was insane between finals, being sick, and going to rehearsal for 5 hours every night. But I took all of my finals, recovered from my fever, and had 3 performances this weekend and am happy to report that I am BACK! And on top of that, I got all A's this semester! Which is a slight miracle. But rest assured everyone, there will be much blogging this summer which I know you're all excited about.

Let's start by going over some of my favorite looks from the Met Gala last week.

SJP never fails to make a statement on the red carpet and this dress certainly stood out. She looks like a lotus flower blooming on a lily pad. And I love it. That hairstyle probably wouldn't work with any other gown but I think it really works with this look. I have mixed feelings about the Oscar de la Renta signature on the back of her gown, but I mean hey if you made that amazing gown, why wouldn't you want people to know it? 

Korlina Kurkova certainly wins the award for wearing the most appropriate gown for the event. The Met Gala is all about big, classy, beautiful ball gowns (in my opinion) and this dress is perfect. I love how structured it is along with the huge floral print. Good choice keeping the hair and make-up simple to keep the attention focused on the gown. 

I think it's impossible for the Beckham's to not look good. 

Kendall Jenner is definitely a rising star in the modeling world and I have to admit, she looks stunning in this Topshop dress. It fits her perfectly and is a gorgeous color for her skin tone and hair.

Ignore Andrew's jacket for a moment and ADMIRE THE GLORIOUSNESS THAT IS EMMA STONE. I love her so very much and this look is just perfection. I love the different shades of pink that she paired together. Mixing two shades of the same color is never easy, especially when you have red hair, but they all look perfect together. And I love her side braid. 

I'm pretty sure Blake Lively is like the modern version of Marilyn Monroe. She looks so gorgeous in this gown, totally old Hollywood glam. Plus her dress has a cape which is AWESOME. 

So this is definitely NOT one of my faves from the Met Gala. But I have to share a comment made by an editor, who shall remain nameless, at People Magazine. He described this look as: Drunk Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I MEAN IT'S SO TRUE. I just had to include it. Please Katie, we know you can do better. 

What were your favorite looks from the Met Gala? Slash can we talk about Solange Knowles beating up Jay Z in the elevator after the event? Cray cray. 

Excited For: The surprise trip Husband is taking me on for our anniversary! 
Feeling Blessed That: My grandma flew out for my performances this weekend :)
Grateful That: My musical is over and I can have my evenings back. 
Watching: Love It Or List It, Too. Because I'm really cool. 
Need To: Rotate my laundry.
Days Until Christmas: 226

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