Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Target Picks for Summer

By now I think we all know of my slightly unhealthy addiction to Target. I went there twice last week. And I'll probably go again this week. No shame. I've basically seen everything there is to see at Target. Twice. So I figured why not share with all of you some of my favorite picks they have for summer? You're welcome.
Target Picks for Summer

1. Swimsuit: I love this pattern and the fit of this suit is super flattering. Good one-piece swimsuits are hard to come by but this one is reasonably priced and lots of fun. 

2. Sandals: These adorable flats com in several different colors (including gold glitter!!) and are on SALE! Bonus. I bought this color and they are incredibly comfortable. I will definitely be wearing these a lot this season since they can be dressed up or down so easily.

3. Purse: Yes, I realize I own this purse in brown, but guess what? THEY HAVE A MINI VERSION. It's adorable. Adorable. I just held it in my hands for several minutes. I almost bought it but eventually talked myself out of it. But if it goes on sale...I may just talk myself back into it. 

4. Striped Dress: I bought two of these dresses (the striped one seen above as well as black). I'm obsessed. Super comfy, incredibly flattering, plenty long, cheap, versatile, I could go on. 

5. Necklace: Pretty summer colors that are sure to sparkle in the summer sun. I love that this is a statement necklace but isn't too over-bearing. And it's only $16.

6. Wooden Tray: I'm a little bit obsessed with trays and I love the simplicity of this one. Can't you just picture yourself serving glasses of lemonade to all your friends at a summer barbecue? I can. And I probably will. 

7. Pineapple Shirt: I'm legitimately obsessed with all these things pineapple. It's like the quintessential summer fruit. This button-down is puuuuurrrfect for summer. They also have a cardigan with the same pattern but I haven't been able to hunt one down yet. For now, the button-down will have to do. 

8. Floral Pillow: So summery and pretty, this pillow will make the perfect accent for just about any room in the house. 

What are your must-haves at Target right now? I've probably seen it. 

Loving: The summer storms we've been having!
Watching: Frasier
Just Ate: A Luna bar
Working On: Anniversary gifts for the husband. It'll take me all month, I'm sure. 
Days Until Christmas: 225

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