Monday, June 2, 2014

The Men of The Bachelorette

Ok this season of The Bachelorette has been SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Juan Pablo's season. Like a gazillion times better. Mainly because the guys are hilarious. I have laughed so much this season and we're only like 4 episodes in. Here are the guys that are still in pursuit of one Andi Dorfman and my thoughts on them.

Bradley:  (Eliminated) Ok I know he's already gone, but I mean, my heart has to go out to the opera singer, he's a kindred spirit. But he just didn't have enough game, unfortunately. His goodbye speech was really sad though, quite touching. Anyone else think he should hook up with Sharlene the opera singer from Season 9? Am I the only one? Ok.

Andrew: Total sleezebag. Got a waitress's number which is so inappropro. Then he pretended like it didn't happen. Which is even more uncool. He needs to go. 

Brian: Husband & I like this guy a lot. He has a good sense of humor and he's a basketball coach which is cool. He seems pretty genuine. 

Chris: Went on a one-on-one to the horse races with Andi which was super cute. He wore a very dapper bow tie and what not. They had really good chemistry and we feel like he's super genuine. I could really see them being together. Plus he's from the Midwest and he's a just a sweet humble farmer. 

Cody: He will be the fan-favorite, guaranteed. I am 99.9% sure he won't end up with Andi, but he's hilarious. Probably on roids but he's so entertaining to watch so I hope she keeps him around. Husband and I are big fans. 

Dylan: Ok here's the thing. He's really sweet and he had a really sad story about his family. He's likable, but definitely always has this barrier up so it's hard to feel a connection with him. Plus he REALLY needs a haircut and needs to stop putting so much greasy product in his hair. Yuck. I doubt he'll be around muuuuch longer. 

JJ: Ok so this is Husband & I's pick for Andi. They're one-on-one date was SOOOOO adorable. Andi's a big goofball and JJ's sense of humor goes perfect with her personality. We feel like he brings out the best in her. Plus I just about died when he said he had something for her and it was a Werther's. We laughed for like ten minutes.

Josh: Former baseball player a.k.a. unemployed. He's kind of your typical jock guy, which Andi said is her normal type but obvi she's still single so I don't think that type is the one she should be pursuing. But he's nice I guess. Idk. Mixed feelings. 

Marcus: Another guy that we really like. He's definitely a front-runner given what we've seen so far. He's super nice, also genuine, and goodnatured. I'm not sure he has enough oomph to make it to the final rose ceremony. But I could be wrong. 

Marquel: MARQUEL! We like him a lot. He's hilarious and his clothes are always super fly. Plus he did like a cookie-tasting thing with her the first night. Which is always a good way to a girl's heart. Especially mine. 

Nick V.: Kind of nondescript. She really likes him, not sure why...

Patrick: Cleft Chin Guy. Hasn't had many significant interactions with Andi yet. But he has potential I think.

Eric: In case you didn't know, after he left the show, he died in a paragliding accident (right near where my cousins live, actually) which is so so sad. We know she didn't pick him in the end, but I think he must have been pretty significant to Andi because their interactions were always really positive (except when he left). He's incredibly kind and very down to earth. He was a great guy. 

Tasos: (EWedding planner. Has an earring. Hair always perfectly coiffed. I don't really see him as Andi's type, but he is really nice and funny so I bet he'll be around for a while. Maybe. 

So in conclusion, I think she'll end up with JJ, Marcus, or Chris. Who are your picks for this season? 

Enjoying: Looking at our anniversary photos! We are so in love with them. I'll feature them on the blog soon :)
Had for Dinner: Yummy curry that my handsome chef husband made. 
Random Fact About Me: In junior high, I was voted most likely to win an Academy Award, most likely to have her own talk show, and most likely to become a model.
Days Until Christmas: 205  

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  1. So Eric Hill is the brother of a friend here in our ward. Small world. It was such a sad and devastating event for our friend and his family. I don't watch this show, but I wish I was this season. Enjoy it!


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