Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Tale of the Final Sale Scalloped Hem Sweater

Sweater: J. Crew // Skirt: Target (old, like, embarrassingly old. I'll admit, this one is kind of frumpy. Ok a lot frumpy. I need a new black pencil skirt, ASAP. Like this one.) // Necklace: Purple Peridot // Shoes: Lulu's (splurge, steal)

So I originally bought this sweater in the light mauve color off the J. Crew website when it was on final sale. I was really excited about it because I had tried the navy one on in the store several weeks earlier, but they didn't have the right size. When it finally arrived, the "light mauve" color turned out to be code for "Annie's Exact Flesh Tone". I was so sad. What was I going to do with a sweater that made it look like I was topless whenever I put it on? I tried to pawn it off on several family members/friends but with no luck. Then it dawned on me, I was going to Chicago that weekend. And there's a J. Crew there! I thought maaaaybe with some sweet talking, I could convince them to take back the sweater. I was a little skeptical that it would work, but I figured it was worth a shot before putting it up on the eBay. And guess what? THEY TOOK IT BACK. IT WAS FINAL SALE, THEY KNEW THAT, AND YET THEY TOOK IT BACK. This is why I love J. Crew, my friends. They are so kind and understanding. So with my money completely reimbursed, I bought the ivory color instead, which shockingly enough doesn't match my ivory skin nearly as much as "light mauve" did.

Side note: I wore this outfit while singing at another church, hence it's not terrrrribly exciting. But in the future, I have big plans to pair this sweater with my new denim pencil skirt as well as some skinny jeans and leather boots. It's a great, classic piece that I think I'll be able to wear for many years to come. Plus the scalloped hem is just about the cutest thing in the world.

Have you ever had success returning final sale items?

Happy That: Husband & I are walking down to the Farmers' Market tonight for dinner :)
Which Means: FOOD TRUCKS.
Covered In: Cat fur. Bingley is feeling very affectionate right now since mom is out of town. And my dad isn't big on kitty affection.
Days Until Christmas: 155


  1. Love it! (and your smize in the 5th photo hehe) & I had the opposite experience at J.Crew :( I've decided the Indy store hates me. I tried to return a final sale pair of $60 pants because they were GINORMOUS compared to a ton of other pants I have in the exact same size and they didn't care. So I made about $20 selling them on Instagram. #sadstory. I'm glad Chicago was nicer to you though!
    xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie

    1. Hahhah oh the smize, Chris & I call it "the smolder". He always tries to get me to not smile in a few of the pics we take, which I am HORRIBLE at. So he'll yell things like "look at me like you did when we were dating!" and behold the smolder was born. I always laugh immediately after I make the face though. That's so sad the Indy store wouldn't let you! I'm glad you were at least able to get some money back, but that is sad :(


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